12/20/19: Updates to the "Heatmap" and "Custom" Reports

We have rolled out some improvements to the "Heatmap" and "Custom" reports within Engagement reporting. 

The major changes include:

  • The "Custom" navigation option has been deprecated and the “Heatmap” and "Custom" reports have been consolidated into the one location. Heatmaps can now be accessed via the "Heatmap" navigation option and through choosing either the "Demographics" or "Custom" sub-menu.




  • In addition to comparing demographic results to the overall or filtered results, we have introduced the option of comparing demographic results to external comparisons loaded onto the survey. This is available through selecting an external comparison in the "Compare To" dropdown, located above the heatmap.



In addition, we've also made a number of small improvements across both heatmaps:

  • When 'Delta' is selected, there is now a ‘+’ symbol on results with a positive difference.
  • The ‘%’ symbol has been removed from results within demographic columns. 
  • For the custom heatmap, the 'Add Column' button has been re-positioned and updated to 'Add demographic group'.




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