New ability to disable Action Framework for specific shared reports 2020-01-09

At Culture Amp, we believe that taking action to improve your organization is an important step following collecting and understanding employee feedback. This is why all shared Standard or Advanced reports include the Action Framework as a default.

However we know that not all reports are shared with the intention or expectation of taking action. Sometimes we share reports to engage employees in a broader process, for transparency or simply as a check-in on progress.

This is why we’ve created the ability for survey admins to disable the Action Framework for specific shared reports. Simply uncheck the checkbox for ‘Take Action’ in the report configuration to remove access to the Action framework. 


The ability to select which reports have the Action Framework enabled means that only those employees who are intended to take action are prompted with the tools to do so.

If ‘Take Action’ is disabled on a report then:
- No ‘take action’ button will appear on the left hand menu on detailed reports.
- No ‘take action’ section will appear at the bottom of summary reports.

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