New ability to limit survey creator role by demographic 2020-01-30

In addition to company-wide initiatives such as engagement surveys, your organisation might also have managers and HR business partners who want to collect, understand and act on feedback within their departments and teams. 

For this case, the best solution is a ‘Survey Creator’ role limited to specific demographic criteria - such as location, department or team. 


Here’s an example of how this might work in practice:  

  1. Abigail is the Customer Department lead in San Francisco. She wants to ask feedback from everyone in her department, but it wouldn’t be appropriate to give her full ‘Account Administrator’ access.
  2. Brendan, an Account Administrator, assigns Abigail the ‘Survey Creator’ role. When giving this role, he specifies that Abigail can only access employees with the following demographics: ‘Department’ = ‘Customer’, and ‘Location’ = ‘San Francisco’. 
  3. This gives Abigail the ability to create, manage and launch surveys only for Customer employees in San Francisco. 

The ‘Survey Creator’ role allows you to experiment with sharing the workload and ownership with managers and HR business partners. 

You can find more information about Survey Creator permissions here:

Understanding Admin Roles And Permissions

Assign The Role Of Survey Creator


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