New Help panel in Performance 2020-02-20

Helping you get the most out of our platform is important to us. We’ve now added the Help Center panel into our Performance product to make it easier for you to access our support resources.

Note: For users using both products, this will work the same as the one in our Engagement product.

To access the Help Center, you can click on the Help button in the bottom left corner:

The Help Center panel displays these options:
  • Get trained up - Where you can enrol and take part in our range of training sessions.
  • Visit the Academy - Where you can read how-to articles to help you use our products.
  • Ask a People Geek - Where you can connect with our community of People Geeks. In the forum, you can discuss Organizational Design, Leadership, and the future of work.
As part of this update, the old Help & feedback page will be removed.

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