Add Moments to engagement trend in Account dashboard

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How to add Moments to the Engagement trend chart in the Account Dashboard

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Account Admins



The Moments feature is part of the Engagement trend in the Account Dashboard for Account Administrators. It allows Account Administrators to add dates that are important for the organization to put results in context and tell the story behind the data. The chart automatically displays employee headcount and employee exits over time. Moments appears only in the Account Dashboard. Only Account Administrators can create and edit Moments. 

Create, Edit and Share Moments

  • To create and edit Moments, find the Account Dashboard and click Edit Moments. Each Moment has a label. The label is truncated by default to keep the display more readable. The label length can be modified. Tip: add flair and personality to Moments with emojis. 
  • Share results with others or add to an upcoming presentation, by downloading a snapshot of the annotated trend. Simply click Export. 

Note: Moments are not localized. They may be entered in any language, but cannot currently be displayed in multiple languages.

Moments will not be an option in the Account Dashboard if no trend graph is showing. The trend graph will not show on the Account Dashboard, if the most recently closed engagement survey's engagement factor does not show a trend graph in the survey's report.

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