Culture Amp during COVID-19

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Culture Amp during COVID-19

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We are Online and Available to Help

During this difficult time, our teams will remain online and will be available to support you. Culture Amp’s platform and operations will continue to run as normal and we have a disaster recovery plan in place. You’ll still be able to use our platform and rely on our service since we’re addressing this crisis with utmost responsibility. 

We are also actively launching and gathering resources to help you during this transition. You can learn more in this article, COVID-19 Resources to Support You and Your Employees. Below are some of the actions that we’re taking in response to Coronavirus.

If there’s anything else that we can do to support you during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Coach or contact our Support team. 

Actions We are Taking 

As the global situation around Coronavirus evolves, many companies are choosing to implement work-from-home policies to keep their employees safe. Here at Culture Amp, we’ve instituted mandatory WFH and are taking extra precautions with our employees in severely affected areas.

As many of you have, we have also:

  • Restricted all non-essential travel for our employees, which includes visiting customers on-site. Although we look forward to seeing you in person soon, in the interim, we will be facilitating all customer-facing calls via video conferencing.
  • Enacted our business continuity plan to ensure our operations will be uninterrupted.

One thing we’re trying to keep in mind here at Culture Amp is to not get overly caught up in constant reporting. The best things to be doing now are washing hands, not travelling when we don’t have to, getting sleep and drinking lots of water. Taking these actions and checking in on the people you care about is what matters most. These can be scary times but they also bring us together and remind us of what is important.



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