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Below we are highlighting the latest updates for Culture Amp Engagement and Performance. NOTE: For our most up to date Product Updates, please see 2022 Culture Amp updates and new releases

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We added Moments for your engagement trend. 
We have added a new feature to the Engagement trend chart in the Account Dashboard called Moments. With the introduction of Moments, you can now add dates that are important for your organization to tell the story behind the data. Learn more about Moments

We launched a learning hub for managers.
The new Playbooks resource on Culture Amp is a standalone library of ideas, videos and downloadable resources for Managers. With content written by Culture Amp’s People Scientists and our partner LifeLabs Learning, who have helped train thousands of managers across the world, it features 7 proven areas of impact for managers.

We launched hierarchical report sharing.
We have launched the ability to automatically create reports for leaders based on their organizational hierarchy, making it easier and faster to share reports through the business. To activate this feature, add your hierarchy and learn more here: Leader-based hierarchy reports

New pre-configured report types for sharing reports quickly 

At Culture Amp we know that deciding who should get access to what when it comes to sharing reports is an important part of the results to action process.

We realize that each organization is unique so we allow quite a bit of customization in how you configure your shared reports. We've experienced with our customers that this can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start in making those decisions. We've provided support previously by sharing our philosophical approach to report sharing.

Today we made that even easier, by providing you the choice of 3 pre-configured report types for the most common stakeholder use cases in your organization - Summary, Standard and Advanced. You can then decide if you want to include comments and filters.

New ability to disable Action Framework for specific shared reports 

At Culture Amp, we believe that taking action to improve your organization is an important step following collecting and understanding employee feedback. This is why all shared Standard or Advanced reports include the Action Framework as a default.

However we know that not all reports are shared with the intention or expectation of taking action. Sometimes we share reports to engage employees in a broader process, for transparency or simply as a check-in on progress.

This is why we’ve created the ability for survey admins to disable the Action Framework for specific shared reports. Simply uncheck the checkbox for ‘Take Action’ in the report configuration to remove access to the Action framework. 

We released 2020 benchmarks. 
Benchmarks can provide you with important insight and context for your Engagement results. We just released 2020 benchmarks for Engagement. 

We introduced an Emergency Response Template 
Our People Scientists have created an Emergency Response Survey template to help you address this complex and challenging situation. This survey can be used to measure your business response during this time, collect information from your teams and use their feedback to inform your strategy. We are offering a free template with an extended emergency response survey and a special COVID-19 pulse survey. For our customers, the Emergency Response Survey and COVID-19 Pulse Survey are also available in the template library when you log into your account. Learn more about this and other COVID-19 resources to support you and your employees. 

We introduced a one-click onboarding survey.
We know how valuable it is to measure the onboarding process and capture the entire employee experience, so we’re making it easier for you to launch an onboarding survey in just one-click. Account Administrators can login to the platform to get started. 

New ability to assign Report Owners

We know that diffusion of responsibility can be a barrier to making changes based on employee feedback. With this update we make a distinction between Report Owners and Report Viewers.This new report owner status allows you to give leaders within your organization clear responsibility and guidance on how to communicate survey results and drive meaningful action on a report.

If you want to assign responsibility and communicate expectations to a leader to take action on a particular report, then this is a good feature for you. See: Create and share reports


Update to navigation in Performance 

We’ve made a few changes for a smoother experience between our Engagement and Performance products.

When clicking Performance in the main navigation of Engagement, users (with access to our Performance product) will go directly to Performance, skipping the in-between page and remaining in the same browser tab.
A new link has been added to the Performance main navigation which allows users (with access to our Engagement product) to return to Engagement.
Performance navigation item “Admin Settings” has been renamed as “Switch to admin view” and repositioned.

With the introduction of teams to the platform, we made a few small updates to the left side Navigation bar to make it easier to locate new features. 

What's New:

  • Goals is now part of the navigation bar, listed just below Inbox. Click Goalsto view, create and track goals. 
  • My direct reports is the new name for My team. Managers can click My direct reports to view and request feedback on direct reports, view self-reflections submitted by direct reports, manage evaluations and see an overall summary on their direct reports. Note: goals created by direct reports have moved to Goals page. 
  • There is a new Teamspage, listed within My Company. Note: the teams feature appears only if it has been activated. Reach out to your assigned Coach or our Support team to activate the teams feature. Once activated, click Teams to create, view and edit teams and to request team-based feedback. 

We made a few small updates to navigation in Performance. 
With the introduction of teams to the platform, we made a few small updates to the left side Navigation bar to make it easier to locate new features.  

Note: the navigation has since had another refresh. See: How to navigate Culture Amp

We launched Teams. 
We know not all teams follow a hierarchy structure. For this reason, you can now create Teams in the platform to support your people no matter the organizational structure. Learn more about Teams, including team roles and how to view, create and manage teams. To activate this feature, reach out to your assigned Coach or our Support team. 

We launched Team Goals. 
Team goals is a new goal type in Culture Amp Performance that allows cross-functional and agile teams to create and manage progress toward shared goals, no matter the structure of the organization. Just like Teams, the Teams Goals feature must be activated. Reach out to your assigned Coach or our Support team to get started. 

We launched Team-Based Feedback. 
With the launch of teams, we are introducing team-based feedback, allowing team leads to gather feedback about the members of their teams within the context of that team and give it to managers. Managers gain visibility into the performance and development of their direct reports through this team-based feedback provided by team leads. 

We introduced a Chrome extension, and we have an Outlook plugin coming soon. 
Now you can easily give and request feedback, review goals and capture notes without leaving their Chrome browser. Any user with a Culture Amp Performance account can download the Culture Amp extension from the Chrome webstore. Learn more about the new Chrome extension and stay tuned for the Outlook plugin.

We gave the Goals section a visual uplift. 
We designed a new interface to highlight Goals as a central feature of the platform and make it easier for users to have clarity into team, department and company goals. Enjoy the new vertical layout with the same functionality as before with updating, editing and commenting on goals. 

We added in-platform message support for Account Administrators.
We offer an in-platform messenger for Account Administrators to connect directly with our Support team. Messenger is available in Performance and Engagement. Learn more about how to contact support

We introduced a new help center panel. 
Helping you get the most out of our platform is important to us. We have added the Help Center panel into our Performance product to make it easier for you to access our support resources.

We added an Outlook Extensions 
We have introduced an Outlook extension so Performance users can easily give and request feedback, review goals and capture notes without leaving Outlook.

Note: this feature has since been deprecated

We added a new filtering feature. 
You can now filter users by start date when creating a self reflection or evaluation cycles. This filtering feature allows you to quickly exclude new employees from upcoming cycles. 

iOS Mobile App for Performance no longer supported

Today, we are announcing that we will no longer support the Performance iOS app starting October 1, 2021. Starting October 1 2021, you will no longer be able to download or update the Performance iOS app. 

We understand that there is a need to better integrate everyday Performance-related tasks into the flow of work of our customers. We recommend that users uninstall the Performance iOS app and install our Slack or Microsoft Teams integration to easily include tasks like giving and receiving feedback into your day-to-day activities.

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