Welcome to Playbooks (formerly known as "Manager Learning")

Playbooks is a standalone library of ideas, videos and downloadable resources for Managers, organized into bite sized pieces. Managers can browse this library of ideas, videos and downloadable resources, and bookmark their favorite ideas to implement or refer back to later.  


With content written by Culture Amp’s People Scientists and partners like LifeLabs Learning, who have helped train thousands of managers across the world, Playbooks features 7 proven areas of impact for managers: 

  • Managing Remotely
  • Coaching
  • Feedback
  • 1:1s
  • Productivity
  • Resilience
  • Strategy 

A great one to start with is the Managing remotely section. 


NOTE: No extra access is needed for managers to experience Playbooks. Simply log in and navigate to Learning -> Playbooks in the platform. 

We will continue to enhance this resource over time by tying it into the Engagement and Performance feedback, and adding messaging and further resources to help support managers improve in their core competencies.  

TIP: Use this communication template to share the Playbooks resource throughout your organization. 

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