Update to prevent duplicate demographic values 2020-04-17

Duplicate demographic values with inconsistent casing (e.g. ‘Melbourne’ and ‘melbourne’) will now be merged on import, using the first value provided.

Assigning your employees with pre-loaded demographics makes it super easy to review, analyze and share insights from your Culture Amp surveys.

To help you keep your demographic data up to date, we’ve made a change to the way Culture Amp handles duplicate demographics on import.

Demographic values have historically been case sensitive. This meant it was possible to end up with unintentional duplicates. For example, you might have some employees allocated to ‘Location: Melbourne’ and others allocated to ‘Location: melbourne’. This meant their survey results would appear under two different demographic values, making it harder to properly review insights when surveying Melbourne-based employees. 

Now, demographics with the same characters but different capitalization will be merged using the first value that was provided. In the above example, ‘melbourne’ would be automatically changed to ‘Melbourne’ and everyone would end up correctly grouped together. 

Note that this rule only applies to demographic values, and does not apply to demographic labels (e.g. ‘Location’). 

Not happy with the capitalization rules that have been applied? Admin users can still go in and change the casing of a demographic at any time using the ‘Account demographics’ page. 

Cleaning up duplicate demographic values with inconsistent casing:  

This change only affects new data imports. If you’ve already got duplicate demographics in your account and want to fix them, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Users’ page in the Account admin section 
  2. Export your employee data using the ‘Export users’ button
  3. Go to the ‘Account demographics’ page in the Account admin section 
  4. Delete any unwanted duplicate demographic values (for example, if under Location you had ‘Melbourne’ and ‘melbourne’, make sure ‘melbourne’ is deleted from the system)
  5. Reimport your employee data file - Culture Amp will automatically correct any duplicates on import!

Note that between steps 4 and 5, your employee data will be incomplete., so it’s a good idea to complete all these steps within a short timeframe.

The crucial step is to ensure you have no unwanted demographic values in Culture Amp when you upload your data. If there are, there is a chance the system will pick that value and assign all people to it.

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