Performance Navigation and Headers 2020-07-14

As part of our effort to keep Culture Amp more usable and your workspace more focused, we have uplifted the navigation and headers across the Performance product to become more consistent with the Engagement product.

We are bringing you this update in order to: 

  • Improve the consistency of the interface between our products
  • Improve accessibility of key buttons and actions across the Performance product
  • Provide a cleaner, more focused interface for all users

Note: On July 29, the new navigation and headers will be applied to all accounts.

What has changed?

Consistent title blocks

There are now consistent title blocks throughout the performance product to make wayfinding even easier. 


Easy to find action buttons

Throughout the performance product, you can now find the buttons for primary actions in the top right of the screen. Having this consistent button placement makes key actions easy to find, like creating teams, giving feedback, creating goals, editing, exporting and sharing.


Distinct admin headers

The different colored title blocks make it easy to recognize when you are within the administration settings of the product. 


Consolidated cycle controls

All of the controls for editing a cycle have been consolidated into a single dropdown on the cycle screen to ease the admin experience. 


Mobile friendly

The new navigation and headers have been made even more mobile-friendly, making giving and receiving feedback on the go even easier than ever.


New navigation

Moving the Performance product navigation to the top of the screen is part of a prior release. For details on those changes please check out this article.

How do I get all of these changes?

Want to try these changes sooner? Administrators will be prompted to turn on the new navigation and headers upon next login, and can also visit profile settings to do so. Reach out to your Customer Success coach for assistance. 





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