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Updates to Engagement navigation

Launching September 10

We're introducing some exciting visual updates to the navigation bar and page titles in Engagement. This is a part of our ongoing effort to keep your workspace focused and make the navigation more consistent and accessible.

We hope these updates improve your experience navigating our Engagement product. All of the same functionality exists, it just may have moved to a more intuitive spot or look slightly different.


With these updates, you’ll see: 

  • A redesigned navigation bar with a consistent place for all pages and action buttons
  • Relocated access to Performance for users who use both Culture Amp products: The Performance tab will move to a switcher on the left side of the navigation bar to create a consistent experience within both products
  • Relocated navigation for survey reports: The report tabs will move from the left hand side to the top header

If you've recently closed a survey or shared reports, you may want to prepare report viewers for a slightly different view even though all the functionality will remain the same.

We’re excited to bring these updates to you. If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us in the platform or email


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