Engagement Navigation and Headers 2020-09-14

As part of our effort to keep Culture Amp more usable and your workspace more focused, we have uplifted the headers and navigation across the Engagement product.

We are bringing you this update in order to: 

  • Improve the consistency of the interface between our products
  • Provide a cleaner, more focused interface for all users of our reports
  • Improve accessibility of key buttons and actions across the Engagement product
  • Enable deeper and easier use of filtering within reports

What has changed?

Updated title blocks

We visually updated title blocks throughout the product and some actions and filters have been updated to be placed consistently.



Reporting navigation 

We shifted the navigation within reports from the left side to the center within the title block. 



Admin headers

We added color title blocks to Admin headers to ensure they are easily recognized when you are within the administration area of the product. 


How do I get these changes?

The new headers will be rolled out to a small group of early users on September 22, and to all on September 30. You can request early access from your customer success coach. 

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