1-on-1 participation report for administrators


The 1-on-1 Participation Report enables administrators to view 1-on-1 participation statistics on a department level.  

The goal of this report is to assist HR administrators to understand adoption and usage of the 1-on-1 feature in different departments across the company, identify departments where adoption is too low and leverage departments where 1-on-1 adoption and usage is great to promote adoption in other departments. 

Administrators can access this report from the Performance product, by clicking "1-on-1s stats" under the "Admin" navigation section. 


The report 

To report 1-on-1s that have been conducted in practice, the participation report only includes 1-on-1s that participants interacted with. This means that for a 1-on-1 to be included in the report, either the manager or direct report have had to perform one of the actions below: 

  • Add at least one agenda item
  • Complete at least one check-in rating question
  • Complete at least one check-in open text question
  • Add at least one action item

If a 1-on-1 had been scheduled but haven't been interacted with by either of the participants, it will not be included in this report . 


Hero Metrics

  • Participation: % employees who have had at least one 1-on-1 with their manager within the selected timeframe.
  • Total number of 1-on-1s: the total number of 1-on-1s that have been conducted (interacted with) within the selected timeframe. 1-on-1s that were scheduled but haven't been interacted with are excluded. 

Date filter

Admins can choose to view the report by the past 30, 60 or 90 days, or the past 6 and 12 months. 

Data Table

Participation(#)- how many employees of the current number of employees in each department, have had at least one 1-on-1 in the selected time frame. Please note that if an employee was part of a department but has moved out of that department in the selected time frame, they will still be counted in the previous department and then will be counted in the new department when they complete the next 1-on-1

For example, in the last 90 days, Employee A was part of the HR Department and completed a 1-on-1. Employee A then moved into the Finance Department and completed a 1-on-1. The Employee will be reported in the HR Department participation count and will be reported in the Finance Department participation count for the 90 day report.

Participation(%)-percentage of employees of the current employees in each department, that have had at least one 1-on-1 in the selected time frame

Total 1-on-1s- total number of 1-on-1s that have been conducted (interacted with) per department in the selected timeframe  

Average number of 1-on-1s- the average number of 1-on-1s conducted per employee per month, in each department



Q: Who can access this report?

A: Only full access administrators have access to this reports. Managers or HRBPs with partial permissions currently have no access. 


Q: Can admins drill down to view individual participation in 1-on-1s or content of 1-on-1s?

A: To maintain confidentiality and promote more meaningful conversations, admins have no access to content of 1-on-1s. Participation statistics are currently only aggregated in a department level.  


Q: Why do I have employees under "Not specified" department?

A: Employees who are not assigned with a department in your data file will fall under the "Not specified" department bucket. If that seems wrong, please check your employee data file to make sure all employees have a department assigned,  or reach out to .


Q: Something seems off with the number of employees per department...

A: We display the total number of employees per department based on the current active employees in your data file. Employees that have been deleted or deactivated will no longer be included in the report.  

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