New Unified Home FAQs

We're introducing a new unified home page for Culture Amp that brings together our Engagement and Performance products into a more intuitive experience for you. 

This represents a small change for customers with just Engagement and a more significant upgrade for any customers with Performance. This upgrade will be released to all customers in May 2021. If this date is likely to interrupt your survey or cycle please let us know here.

This article covers what you can expect regarding the upcoming release of our new unified home page, and answers the following questions:

What changes will occur to the navigation?

If you have just the Engagement module

The navigation menu will remain virtually the same, containing links to Surveys, Actions Plans, and Learning modules.

The only significant change is that non-admin users will no longer have a ‘Reports’ menu item. Instead, reports will be accessed via the ‘Surveys’ top navigation item.

If you have just the Performance module

The menu has been redesigned from an audience-based grouping to one that is focused on the task or functionality the user is seeking. It features top navigation items for:

  • Home, which takes the user to the new unified home page
  • Feedback, where users can access functionality relating to giving and receiving feedback
  • 1-on-1s, which takes the user directly to the 1-on-1 conversations module
  • Goals, which takes the user to the Goals module or provides admins access to goals oversight features
  • Reviews, where users can access functionality relating to formal performance or development cycles, including Self-Reflections and Performance Reviews.
  • Learning, where users can access our learning and development products


If you have both Performance and Engagement modules

Customers with the full platform will experience a menu very similar to that of customers with the Performance module, having all the same top navigation items above.

In this menu structure, much of the Engagement module functionality is accessed via the Surveys menu item under Feedback, reflecting the fact that surveys are a form of organizational feedback. Similarly, Action Plans are accessed under goals, reflecting their purpose as a means of setting organizational priorities in response to feedback. 



What changes will occur to the home page?

The home page will feature a task list that contains all tasks regardless of whether they originate in the Performance or Engagement module. It will also feature tiles linking to useful content featured according to the user and account’s configuration.

Besides this, it will have a new design and may appear somewhat different in style and layout.

When will the upgrade occur?

The new Home and accompanying changes to the navigation will be released in May

We will send another update email in April confirming the exact release date. This page will be updated once a date is confirmed.

What if the release date is in the middle of my survey / performance period / growth check-in?

We are offering the option to defer release by a few weeks to accommodate any customers in this situation. Please fill in this form to let us know that this may apply to you.

Do I have to upgrade?

All customers will be upgraded to the new experience by the end of June. If you have only the engagement module, this represents a small change. For other customers, we believe that these changes represent a very significant improvement in the user experience, and we have invested in extensive research and user testing to ensure this is the case.

We believe that supporting multiple experiences for how users navigate Culture Amp and where they land when they log in is likely to confuse users, degrade the support experience, and complicate training and education. Maintaining two diverging versions of Culture Amp will also limit how quickly we can build new and exciting features and improvements many of you have been asking for. 

We want the best possible experience for all of our customers, so for these reasons it’s important we ensure that the period in which we have multiple experiences is kept very short.

Email templates

If you would like to send an email to your organization announcing the updates, we have provided templates about the changes for Engagement, Full platform, and Performance

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