Automated comparisons

How it works 

Comparisons help you see the progress of your organization over time. When evaluating your survey results, you can add comparisons manually or take advantage of automated comparisons. 

Automated comparisons are automatically generated for your survey report on the Comparisons page. The list includes any closed surveys of the same type that have at least one matching question. Select any of the automated comparisons to add to your report. You also have the option to add additional manual comparisons and benchmarks. 

Benefits of Automated Comparisons

  • Perfectly matching demographics and questions are matched automatically
  • Demographic matches can be requested by clicking on "Request to compare demographics" in order to bring in scores for your demographics in your survey
  • You can edit automated comparisons and add any additional question matches
  • You can include your automated comparisons in Excel, PDF, and Power Point exports
  • You have full visibility of which demographic values are matched (automatically or manually) between the current survey and the comparison survey via an export. Click the three dot icon next to the required comparison on the Comparisons page and select “Demographic matches”

NOTE: The automated comparisons feature is in limited release. If you would like to turn on this feature, contact

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