COVID-19 Vaccination Surveys


Recently Culture Amp has received interest from numerous organisations seeking to gather feedback and information around COVID-19 vaccinations. These surveys seek to ask, among other things, questions of employees in relation to their COVID-19 vaccination status or intention to be vaccinated. These surveys are intended to inform decisions around company policies and gather information on employee engagement on this issue.

Given that these surveys may collect medical information in the form of individual employee vaccination status, we do not recommend or encourage they be run due to the specific legal risks of doing so in different jurisdictions. However, given that these risks are not the same for all organisations, Culture Amp has made certain amendments to our reporting rules shown to survey participants and to our Privacy Policy to allow these surveys to be facilitated.

Despite this, there are still additional requirements that we believe customers should be aware of and comply with. This article is intended to flag certain issues for consideration to any customer seeking to launch a COVID-19 vaccination survey with Culture Amp.

Note: This article does not constitute legal advice and Culture Amp strongly recommends that you seek independent legal advice before launching a COVID-19 vaccination survey or asking COVID-19 vaccination related questions to ensure you fully understand any risks associated in doing so.

Things to consider when running COVID-19 vaccination surveys

Survey feedback

Survey questions relating to COVID-19 vaccination status or an employee’s intention to vaccinate can be highly controversial. It is possible that asking these questions may result in negative feedback from your employees or low levels of participation in the survey.

Optional questions and free text questions

In order to minimise any potential legal risk we require that any questions relating to COVID-19 vaccination status be optional. This will also ensure that participation in the survey is maximised by your employees. Similarly, any questions related to COVID-19 vaccination status should not provide an option for free text responses.

Different jurisdictional/industry sector requirements

Certain jurisdictions and sectors may be subject to legislation or regulatory requirements around collection of medical information. Collection of this information may also require additional steps be taken by you prior to launching a survey (e.g. Workers’ Council approval). We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice before launching a COVID-19 vaccination survey to ensure you fully understand any risks associated in doing so.

Option to delete

In order to minimise risk to you that may arise from storage of COVID-19 vaccination survey information Culture Amp is able to facilitate any export or data deletion requests after the survey has been completed. These requests can be made by your nominated account administrator by email to


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