Introducing Shoutouts 🎉 Celebrate Great Work When it Happens (coming soon)

Enable values-driven work, build engagement and foster team appreciation in Slack with Shoutouts. Shoutouts is a real-time recognition tool that helps celebrate, socialize, and reinforce behaviors that build an intentional culture around appreciation.

Use Shoutouts to celebrate great work in Slack, while making recognition available to employees at any time in Culture Amp. In this article, we'll cover:

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How Shoutouts works

After the Culture Amp app is installed and added to a public Slack channel, employees can give recognition by including the word "shoutout" anywhere in the body of their message, and tagging one or more of their colleagues.

The Culture Amp app responds with an emoji, as well as a short reply in the thread of their message. Employees can find shoutouts given and received by navigating to the Shoutouts feed in Culture Amp.


Getting started with Shoutouts is simple

  1. Install or update the Culture Amp app in Slack
  2. Turn on Shoutouts in Culture Amp
  3. Add the Culture Amp app to Slack channels
  4. Introduce Shoutouts to your team
  5. Give Shoutouts to a colleague

1. Install or update the Culture Amp app in Slack

Install the Culture Amp app in Slack from the Notifications page under Account admin in Culture Amp. If you already have the app installed, update the app from the Slack app directory.

2. Turn on Shoutouts in Culture Amp

With the latest version of the Slack app installed, you can now turn Shoutouts on from the Shoutouts page under Account admin in Culture Amp. Users will not be notified when Shoutouts is turned on.

3. Add the Culture Amp app to Slack channels

Add the Culture Amp app to any public channel in Slack. Simply type "@cultureamp" and hit Send.


You can also add the Culture Amp app to a channel by clicking Add an App from the Integrations tab in the channel's details.

4. Introduce Shoutouts to your team

TIP: Check out our Launch Kit to find more resources and best practices for rolling out Shoutouts at your company (coming soon).

Now that Shoutouts is set up in Slack, let your team know they can start to give simple, timely and authentic recognition without navigating away from the tools and spaces they already use. Asking senior leaders and other managers to model a practice of recognition is a great way to introduce Shoutouts to your organization.

5. Give a shoutout to a colleague

Give a shoutout by including the word "shoutout" in the body of your message, like this: “shoutout @teammate and the awesome thing they did.” Shoutouts is not a slash command, so no need to start your message with "/" or even start the message with the word "shoutout".


TIP: Share our Shoutouts Guide for Employees article with managers and employees.


Must shoutouts be given in a specific Slack channel?

Shoutouts can be given in as many public Slack channels as you want. While some customers do create a dedicated Shoutouts channel, teams often give recognition in whatever channels are most convenient for them. Simply add @cultureamp to a public channel to give shoutouts.

How do employees view their shoutouts?

When employees receive a shoutout, it will appear under Mentions & reactions in Slack. Employees can also access their shoutouts at any time on their Shoutouts feed in Culture Amp, which they'll find under the Feedback menu in the navigation.

How do managers view their team's shoutouts?

People managers will soon find a Direct reports tab on their Shoutouts feed in Culture Amp. This is where they will see all of the shoutouts given and received by their team - perfect for reviewing before a weekly 1:1 or during a performance review cycle.

How do employees delete shoutouts?

Currently, only the author can delete shoutouts given in Slack. They can do this simply by deleting the original Slack message. However, for any shoutouts given by mistake, users will soon have the ability to remove them from Culture Amp without needing to delete the original Slack message.

Can employees only give shoutouts from Slack?

Yes, shoutouts can currently only be given from Slack. Employees will soon be able to give shoutouts from Microsoft Teams too.

Coming soon

Over the course of H2, we plan to continue to ship updates and other improvements to Shoutouts in Slack. Here are just a few worth calling out!

Company values

Company values allow you to connect your company culture with the behaviors that employees are recognized for every day. When you add your custom values, employees can tag one or more company values to the recognition they give to colleagues in Slack.

Custom keywords

An important part of your organization's culture is its unique voice and vocabulary. Allow employees to trigger recognition from Slack using custom keywords (for example, mad props, kudos) that better reflect your company's style and brand.

Additional resources

Send your managers and employees to our Shoutouts Guide for Employees article or micro-course on how to give effective recognition (coming soon).

Explore our training course for tips and best practices on rolling out Shoutouts (coming soon).

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