Frequently asked questions when it comes to setting up your SFTP integration

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Frequently asked questions when it comes to setting up your SFTP integration

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How secure is SFTP?

Very secure. Here are some measures we take to ensure that your SFTP file transfer remains secure and confidential:

  • We use the standard SFTP file transfer protocol based on SSH, using a keypair for authentication, as a solid foundation for authentication and transport encryption

  • We carefully lock down access to the SFTP server such that in the event of the leak of a private key (held by the customer), no data can be downloaded

  • We encrypt all uploaded data

  • After ingestion, uploaded files are immediately deleted

What is an SSH key pair?

An SSH key pair will ensure the SFTP connection via your client/HRIS is unique and secure. An SSH key pair is a pair of unique keys that are generated by you and saved on your computer. There's a private key which should only be used by you (or very carefully within your own organisation), and there's a public key which can safely be shared outside your organisation. The integration uses the combination of the two keys to verify the security of the connection. Check out further guidance here.

Note: Our SFTP only supports openSSH key pairs, not SSH2. If your HRIS or command line tool generates keys in SSH2 format, you can convert them to openSSH using the instructions in the guide below.

Do you have a test server where we can test our SFTP integration?

We do not provide a test server for SFTP uploads. However, Culture Amp Product Support will be happy to assist you in testing your SFTP connection and ensuring it is working correctly.

Can you send multiple uploads in short succession?

There are no caps as to how many changes can be processed included in one import.

Our SFTP servers run a scan of all folders to check if there are any files to upload every 10 minutes. You can send as many files as you need provided they are all named differently so that these files can be queued within a 10 minute window. We recommend that when you do send files you include the time stamp to make each file name different! You cannot have the same file name sitting in your folder for multiple files within a 10 minute window. We cannot change this time frame.

Once files are processed and uploaded into the platform, they are removed and you can send the same files again.

SFTP doesn't work for us. Do you have a web service for uploading employee data?

Yes! If an SFTP file transfer isn't appropriate, you can also manually import your data via our Import Data workflow.

Troubleshooting Integration Issues

If you are facing issues with your SFTP integration, you can view troubleshooting information we have included in our troubleshooting SFTP integration issues guide.

Need further help? Contact our Culture Amp Support team via email: support@cultureamp.com or ask to speak with a support specialist during your live chat conversation.

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