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HRIS Integration Custom Mapping Feature (Beta)
HRIS Integration Custom Mapping Feature (Beta)

How to utilise the HRIS Integration Custom Mapping tool (Beta) to select which demographic fields map from your HRIS to Culture Amp

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How to utilise the HRIS Integration Custom Mapping tool (Beta) to select which demographic fields map from your HRIS to Culture Amp

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Account Admins

Note: The feature is in a Beta phase and being released on a limited basis.

The custom mapping feature introduces flexibility to direct integrations by enabling administrators to select which demographic fields from their HR system they would like to map to the demographic fields within Culture Amp. Below is some guidance on how to configure the field mapping.

Mapping Fields

  1. To use the feature, Culture Amp will need to enable it on your account. Once enabled on your account, you will see the option below, which will allow you to toggle the switch to on and start configuring the field mapping


  2. Once the switch has been toggled, you will be presented with the screens below

Mandatory Fields

At a minimum, Name, Employee Id, and Email need to be mapped.

  1. Culture Amp demographic

  2. HRIS demographic select the field to view a list of all fields from your HRIS that are available to be mapped to the field in Culture Amp

  3. Select Add field to concatenate multiple HRIS demographics into a single Culture Amp demographics field (if multiple fields have been added, you can select the x next to the field to remove it

  4. Select Remove to remove the demographic from the mapping

Core Fields

Core demographic fields from your HRIS can be mapped to demographic fields within Culture Amp

  1. Core fields can be added by selecting the field from the dropdown list and then selecting the add core field button.

  2. Mapping HRIS values to fields, concatenating fields, and removing fields is performed in the same way as mandatory fields

Custom Fields

Any custom fields can be added and mapped in the same way as mandatory and core fields



There are duplicate field names in the dropdown list of the fields available from my HRIS which one do I select?

This occurs when there are demographic fields with the same name in your HRIS. The easiest method to resolve this is to rename one of the fields in your HRIS to differentiate them and refresh the page.

Why isn't the Manager's Email field syncing in the integration?

If you've enabled hierarchy on your account and are using the advanced custom mapping option, ensure your mappings align correctly with the guidance provided in your HRIS guide:

Using any mapping combination other than what is advised may result in the exclusion of Manager's Email data from the sync.

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