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Existing HiBob Users: Re-authenticate your HiBob Account
Existing HiBob Users: Re-authenticate your HiBob Account

Important guidance for existing HiBob users to re-authenticate your account using service user credentials

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Re-authenticate your HiBob account using service user credentials

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Account Admins

NOTE: HiBob is deprecating their current API by the end of 2023. As such, all current HiBob integration users in CultureAmp need to re-authenticate with HiBob using their Service User credentials.

  1. Navigate to the Data Integrations page in your CultureAmp account and click Edit.

2. In the Step 1 section of your integration details, you will see a warning dialog prompting you to re-authenticate with HiBob.

3. Click Change Credentials.

4. A new set of credential fields will appear prompting you to enter Service User Credentials.

5. To obtain your new credentials, click on the View the HiBob guide link provided in the warning dialog above.

6. Your new Service User credentials have no permissions set by default. To enable necessary permissions, create a new Service Users permissions group and add your Service Users to the group, follow these instructions.

7. When setting permissions for your Service Users group make sure to enable all permissions in People’s Data. This allows Service Users to have access to all company fields from HiBob.

8. Once permissions are set, copy and paste your Service User ID and Token into the fields and click Validate Credentials.

9. You should now be re-authenticated with HiBob and can continue using your integration as normal.

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