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Performance Review Cycle Guide for Employees
Performance Review Cycle Guide for Employees

An overview of the Performance Review Cycle process for Managers and Employees

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What can I learn from this page?

An overview of the Performance Review Cycle process for Employees

Who is this guide for?

Cycle Participants

Depending on the settings your People team has selected, your performance review may include:

  • A nomination stage: The ability to nominate peers and direct reports to give feedback on your performance

  • A feedback stage: The option to provide feedback on your peers’ and/or manager’s performance

  • A reflection stage: The opportunity to reflect and provide your point of view in the review process

These inputs will culminate in a performance review written by your manager, which may be calibrated with other managers and your HR or People team to ensure a fair and equitable review.

You will be notified via email and a task will appear in your task list with a due date for any action items you need to complete, such as nominating both peers and/or direct reports and providing feedback. You will receive reminders via email if you haven’t completed a step.


What to expect as a participant:

Depending on how your People team set up the performance review process you may be asked to:

How to nominate:

If you have been asked to nominate peers for feedback, you will receive an email as well as a task.

Select Nominate colleagues to provide feedback from the task and search for the people you’d like to nominate. When only peer feedback is included in the cycle (and not upward feedback), direct reports can not be nominated to provide feedback. Inversely, when only upward feedback is included in the cycle, only direct reports can be nominated.

Confirm nominations by selecting Send Nominations.

Note: After you submit your nominations, the in-platform task will disappear but you can still submit further nominations via the link in your nominations email.


Your selections will be sent to your manager who will take your nominations into account when selecting who to request feedback from.

Some performance review cycles may have a limit on the number of peer nominations that can be submitted. Where this is the case you will only be able to select peers up until the specified limit which will be indicated on the page. This limit will not affect the number of direct report (upward feedback) nominations that can be selected.

Tips on deciding who to nominate:

  • If you are having a hard time trying to decide who to nominate, it is best to consider people who:

  • You have worked extensively with. The more they’ve worked with you, the more useful feedback and context they’ll have.

  • Have different perspectives, whether because they’ve worked on different projects or where they are in the organization (for example your direct reports and/or peers).

  • May have constructive feedback you can learn from.

Give feedback:

If someone has requested feedback from you, you will receive an email and a task in your task list. To complete the request, click Give Feedback. You can choose to decline the request if you don’t have feedback for them or haven’t worked with them in a while.

On the right-hand side, you can flip between all of the colleagues who have requested your feedback. You can also review previous feedback and the individual’s goals in their profile on the side panel. If you are their manager, you will also be able to view their self-reflections and past performance reviews.


Your responses will be automatically saved as you write. When you’re ready to submit, click Submit Feedback to send the feedback to their manager.

💡 Tip: Check out this video lesson to learn how to phrase effective feedback.

Write your self-reflection

You may be asked to write a self-reflection as part of the overall Performance Review process. This is an opportunity for you to give additional context to your manager about your accomplishments and for goals that were not met, insight into why that was the case.

To write your self-reflection, click Complete Self-Reflection from your Performance task list.

Review previous feedback, self-reflections, and goals, in your profile to spark your memory.

As you respond to the questions, your responses will be automatically saved.

When you’re ready, click Send To Your Manager to complete your self-reflection. Once sent, your self-reflection cannot be edited.

💡 Tip: Check out this video lesson to learn more about how to write a good self-reflection.

Acknowledging your performance review:

Following the performance review cycle, your manager or admin may share your manager review feedback with you. Depending on how the performance review process has been set up, you may be given the ability to complete a review acknowledgment.

Acknowledgment of your review should be completed following the review conversation with your manager to discuss your review outcomes. Afterward, the review acknowledgment can be completed to confirm that the review discussion has taken place.

To begin the review acknowledgment process, click complete acknowledgment in your task list.

You will be taken to your manager review, where you will be able to scroll to the bottom of the page to complete your review acknowledgment.

To acknowledge your review, simply check the acknowledgment box and add any optional notes about your discussion. When you’re ready, click the Submit button to submit your acknowledgment. Once submitted, the acknowledgment and any added notes cannot be edited.

💡 Tip: If you are a Manager in this process - please check out our article: Performance Review Guide for Managers


How can I edit my nominations?

Once you have submitted nominations to your manager, there is not a way to review or edit those nominations. Any updates or edits to these nominations can be done by your manager or by the internal admin who is maintaining the review cycle.

Why is the submit button grayed out for my feedback and/or reviews?

If you are not able to click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of your feedback and/or review page, this indicates that you have left a question blank. Please review your page and fill out any unanswered questions - if you have skipped a question as you do not have a specific answer to give in response, please put ‘N/A’, ‘No Comment’, etc., and this will allow the ‘Submit’ button to populate.

💬 Have any questions? Just reply with “Ask a Person” in a Support Conversation to speak directly with a Product Support Specialist.

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