Complete a Performance Review

How to complete a performance review as a manager

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How to complete a performance review as a manager

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๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Take our Culture Amp Training course, The Performance Review for Managers to learn about every step in the review process for managers.

Note: Performance Ratings can be used in Compensation Reviews using our Compensation Planning Integration once your Performance Cycle is complete.

As a manager, you have a crucial role in performance development. Use the Performance Review to share objective, actionable feedback about your direct reports.

Here's a quick guide.

Start a Performance Review

  1. Find any outstanding reviews by clicking Home or navigating to Performance > Reviews

  2. Select any review under the Current section.

  3. On the Review landing page, you'll see one section for your direct reports and one for your review.

Review Your Team

  1. Click on a direct report to open the review form.

  2. Your direct reports' profile icons will be on the right. Click to switch between them.

  3. Use the Employee Profile view to check your direct reports past feedback, self-reflections, reviews, goals, or your private notes.

  4. Your responses save automatically, and you can edit until your Account Admin closes the review cycle.

  5. Questions marked "May be Shared with (employee name)" can be shared by you or your Account Admin, once sharing has been turned on, on the overall cycle.

  6. Once you complete your reviews, check out the filters in the cycle to sort your review list by Departments, Managers, Job Titles and Groups.

  7. Use the Groups filter to see reviews for your indirect reports.

Add Collaborators

Need help? Culture Amp lets you collaborate with another person on your review to ensure your feedback is timely and actionable. Account Administrators and Managers can add a collaborator once the Manager Review is underway.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Performance > Reviews > (pick a current cycle) > View and Complete Manager Reviews.

  2. Enter your direct report's name in the search field.

  3. Click the Ellipsis icon and hit Manage Collaborators.

  4. You can see current collaborators and add new ones by searching for users.

  5. Managers can add or remove collaborators anytime before the review cycle closes.


After Adding Collaborators:

  • New collaborators get email notifications and will see collaboration tasks on their Home page.

  • The tasks show progress and indicate outstanding requests during the live cycle.

  • Collaborators can complete tasks and check completed ones.

Collaborator Access

  • New collaborators can see your manager review, comment on questions, and view sections of your direct reports' profiles based on their permissions.

  • They also have access to feedback they've written about the employee, both inside and outside the performance review cycle.

Visibility of Comments:

  • Collaborator comments are only seen by the collaborator, the reviewing manager, and Perform HRBPs/Admins in the admin view of the cycle.

  • Collaborator comments only become visible to the Manager/Perform HRBP/Admin when the collaborator clicks Share Comments.

  • Employees can't see collaborator comments, even when reviews are shared.

  • Collaborator comments aren't visible in the employees profile view or included in Admin exports.

  • If a collaborator is removed, their comments stay, but they lose access to the review


  • Collaborators can't view or comment on employees' self-reflections directly.

  • They don't have extra access to view the employees full profile if they're not the manager.

  • Collaborators can't be added to a review if the user, like a CEO, doesn't have an assigned manager.

Collaborator Tasks View

Collaborator Employee Feedback View

Collaborator Employee Goals View

Sharing Reviews

Managers can share reviews if enabled by your Account Admin. Once enabled, you can share responses marked "May Be Shared with (employee name)" with your direct reports.

  1. Navigate to Performance > Reviews

  2. Choose a review from the Current or Past section.

  3. Click Share Manager Reviews

You can either share individually or bulk share for all direct reports.

  1. To share the review per direct report:

    • Select Share Review against the direct reports row

  2. To share all reviews:

    • Choose Share All Reviews.

Sharing Peer and Upward Feedback

You can either share individually or bulk share for all direct reports.

  1. To share the peer and/or upward feedback give to your direct report:

    • Click on the Share Feedback tile on the review landing page.

    • Share individually per direct report or bulk share for all.

  2. To share feedback per report:

    • Select Share Feedback against the direct reports row

  3. To share all feedback:

    • Choose Share all Feedback.

Review Acknowledgements

  • If Review Acknowledgements are part of the cycle, employees can mark reviews as acknowledged after discussing with their manager.

  • Note: Review Acknowledgment is only possible once the review is shared.

Export Reviews to PDF

Managers can export reviews to PDF at any time. The PDF will include all questions, not just the ones shared with your direct reports.

  1. Use the Ellipsis against the direct reports row and select Export PDF

  2. Alternatively, when viewing a direct report's manager review form, simply click the Export PDF option.

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