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Complete a Self-Reflection in Performance
Complete a Self-Reflection in Performance

Guidance on how to complete a Self Reflection as a user

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Guidance on how to complete a Self Reflection

Who is this guide for?

Performance Users

Self-reflections help you to take a brief pause and share your achievements, learnings, and areas for growth.

Self-reflections are shared with your manager. This ensures you can engage in a dialogue with your manager to acknowledge achievements and chart a path to move forward.

💡 Tip: Learn about self-reflections and more in our Culture Amp Training video course, Participate in a performance review cycle.

Writing your self-reflection

When a self-reflection goes live, it will show up as an action item in your task list in Performance.


You can also access this by clicking Reviews > Your Self-Reflections under You.


  • Culture Amp auto-saves your responses every five seconds. Feel free to take your time to respond. You can return and complete your self-reflection before the end date.

  • When you submit your self-reflection, your responses become read-only and are sent to your manager. You may add comments later but cannot edit the submitted text.

  • You can delete comments you've added to your self-reflection (in order from last to first) via the trash can icon

  • As you complete your self-reflection, you will have access to your goals, previously shared feedback (continuous/peer/upward) and any prior self-reflections to help you reflect and substantiate your responses.


Tracking your self-reflection

You can find your self-reflection under Reviews > Your Self-Reflections under You. From there you or your manager will be able to use the text fields to add comments.​

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