Creating a Development Plan

A guide to creating a Development Plan

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A guide to creating a Development Plan

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Getting started

Once Develop has been turned on for your organization, all users have access to Develop from the main navigation. To access Develop go to Development > Development Plans.

When an employee visits Develop for the first time, they will be prompted to create their first development plan. Creating a development plan involves completing two guided workflows:

  • Step one: Know yourself - a guided self-reflection. Reflect on your strengths and what you care about. Consider your long-term work and career aspirations. Use these to help decide on the objective of your plan.

  • Step two: Build your plan - build an actionable plan. Determine the skills and behaviors you need to work on to achieve your objective. Focus on one growth area at a time to set goals and actions.

  • Ready for review: Step three - Review plan together: Make time to have a development conversation with your manager. Review and discuss your draft plan together, once you are both happy, then the plan is ready to be actioned.

Confirmation Notifications

After the Build your Plan workflow is completed, we prompt the manager to review the plan together with their direct report or mentee.

Inviting employees

Once Develop has been turned on for your organization, all users have access to Develop from the main navigation. To access Develop go to Development > Development Plans.

As an HR leader, you can get your employees on board by copying the development plan's URL and sharing it through your preferred messaging platform. Any employee in your employee data file will be able to access Develop.

Development Managers

When an employee creates a Development plan for the first time, they will be prompted to select their “development manager.” This person will be able to view (but not edit) the employees’ development plans. They will also be prompted with important updates to the person's development plan.

The development manager can be any employee in the employee data file. It does not need to be your manager in the organizational hierarchy. This supports organizations that have mentors and coaches who are not direct line managers. Employees are limited to having one development manager.


Development Managers Capturing Feedback

When a development manager is reviewing the employees active development plan they will have the opportunity to provide feedback using the Give Feedback button found under the goals progress area.

Once the Give Feedback button is clicked, a new tab will open up for the feedback to be captured.

Once Send Feedback is clicked, the feedback will appear in the recipient's employee profile. This is especially useful when performance review time comes around.

Both the direct report and manager will have access to the feedback collected throughout the year to provide examples and evidence to base their self-reflection and manager reviews on.

Confirmation Notifications

After completing each of the two development planning workflows (“Know Yourself” and “Build your Plan”), we notify the employee via email.


After the “Build your Plan” workflow is completed we prompt the manager to schedule a 1-on-1 via email to regularly review the plan together.


Reminder Notifications

We schedule a series of notifications to encourage users to finish creating their plans.

Reminder notifications are scheduled after every major step in the development planning flow until completion. Notifications will be sent every 3 days to a maximum of 2 times. Completing one of the steps (e.g., completing step 2: build your plan) will cancel notifications scheduled by a previous step.

Notifications are sent to the preferred email address of the employee creating the plan.

Delete Closed Development Plans

To remove unwanted development plans, you must close the development plan first, then navigate to previous plans, select the plan that you would like to delete and then select delete plan. Once a development plan has been deleted, this will automatically delete the goals associated with it.


Why are the options from my previous Development Plan in the new Development Plan I have created?

This is intentional. The information captured in the Know Yourself Step carries over the selections from your last created Development plan because this information changes less frequently than the information captured in the following steps in the process.

Is there a way to export an individual development plan?

Unfortunately, the option to export a development plan is not yet available.

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