Culture Amp is Acquiring Orgnostic

Culture Amp, the world’s leading employee experience platform, is acquiring people analytics platform Orgnostic.

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We’re excited to announce that Culture Amp is acquiring people analytics platform Orgnostic!

With Orgnostic, vast sets of organizational data will be infused with Culture Amp's powerful AI and trained by people science, unlocking multi-dimensional people analytics capabilities. Culture Amp’s employee experience platform can then deliver actionable insights to HR teams, people leaders, and leaders of scale – empowering enterprise organizations to make better, data-backed decisions.

With this acquisition, Culture Amp’s powerful AI platform will be able to ingest and analyze data from your other HR tools (like your HRIS and ATS) and combine it with the predictive capabilities we have today. We’ll make people analytics and data stories more accessible for your HR teams, people analysts, and leaders of scale. And we’ll deliver multi-dimensional, actionable insights about the biggest driver of business success: your people.

From employee engagement to productivity and beyond, you’ll have what you need to make better, data-driven decisions about your workforce and your business.

Our goal as we integrate Culture Amp and Orgnostic is to build the right foundation to ensure a great experience for our customers and Campers. With this in mind, our upcoming people analytics product will be available via tiered release, and we expect this capability to be fully available to everyone 2025.

I am a current Orgnostic customer, what does this announcement mean for me?

There will be no immediate impact on your Orgnostic experience. For now, Orgnostic and Culture Amp platforms will continue to operate independently. The same customer success team will continue to support you. Find out more here

How do I get support on using Orgnostic now?

There will be no change to your Orgnostic experience in the short term. For support using the Orgnostic platform, please reach out to the team at

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