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Individual Effectiveness communications are a mix of notifications and reminders. Participants will only receive a few of these messages, based on their role within the survey and how the survey is set up.

Messages will be grouped based on how they are sent:
  • Standard Communications - sent under most circumstances, as part of the standard workflow.
  • Standard Reminders - only sent to people who have not completed certain tasks within a configured timeframe.
  • Nomination Only - only sent if you are allowing employees to select reviewers.
  • Administration only - only sent under unusual circumstances, such as a change of coach.

And who they are sent to:

  • Employee - the person who is the subject of the 360.
  • Reviewer - each person who the Employee has asked for feedback.

Emails are consolidated into a single email for:

  • Invite Reviewer - lists each person who has asked for feedback from the reviewer
  • Reviewer Reminder - lists each person who has asked for feedback, and has not yet been done by the reviewer

The table below shows when the most common communications are sent during the life of a 360 process in the Admin Driven workflow coachless workflow.

Note: if Administrators "Share" feedback with employees, this bypasses the Employee Feedback Ready and Feedback Due Date Passed communications.


The following table lists all of the possible communications for this workflow, the circumstances under which they are sent, and the default feedback due dates (found in the survey configuration page):


When an employee has been asked to give feedback to several people at once, they will receive one email with a list of all the people who have requested feedback. 

Specifically, the emails and reminders that are bundled are Invite Reviewer and Reviewer Reminder, for this workflow option. 



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