Customize Manager Effectiveness 180 With Questions Designed by Lifelabs Learning

We partnered with LifeLabs Learning on a unique survey design to add even more value for your managers and leaders as they go through LifeLabs Learning training. Our suggestion is to use this survey as a pre and post assessment for LifeLabs training or as a quarterly or biannual development tool. 

Surveying manager effectiveness is a simple and powerful way to capture actionable feedback about managers across the key leadership skills and behaviors covered in the LifeLabs training program. These questions have been expertly designed to assess learning retention, nudge self-reflection, and to gauge any areas of opportunity for further manager development. 

There are two ways to access the LifeLabs survey questions. First, account administrators and survey creators can customize our original Manager Effectiveness 180 using the LifeLabs survey questions. Or, account administrators can reach out to their Customer Success Coach to request the LifeLabs Manager survey.  

Alternatively, simply download these questions now, speak to a LifeLabs representative, and find out how you can implement training in-person or virtually in the areas of leadership, management, self-management, communication, collaboration, and inclusion.

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