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The background and methodology behind our Leadership Effectiveness survey

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The background and methodology behind our Leadership Effectiveness survey

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We consistently see leadership as one of the strongest drivers of engagement across our global benchmarks. In many instances, it is the key to successful company growth and sustainability. Yet many organizations don’t invest in gaining a clear understanding of what their leaders unique strengths and opportunities are. Thousands of dollars are spent on leadership development programs with very little data to back decisions made on where to focus or how to evaluate success.

Leadership Effectiveness through 360 Feedback

Culture Amp has developed a Leadership 360 survey with the purpose of providing both leaders and organizations with valuable insights into their current leadership capability. Aggregate data can guide global leadership development and training initiatives, while individual reports support leaders to focus on their own unique leadership strengths and opportunities.

Our Leadership Effectiveness survey is a diagnostic tool which helps individual leaders apply 360 methodology to gather actionable feedback and insights for personal development.

Culture Amp's Leadership 360:

  • Specifically targets leadership skills (distinct from manager) required in today’s workplace

  • Is designed for senior leaders (i.e. C-suite, executives and senior directors)

  • Is development focused with emphasis on strengths and opportunities

  • Provides individual reports with actionable insights

  • Aggregates group-level data

  • Is a customizable survey template

Background to our Leadership 360

We define effective leadership as the ability to inspire, influence and instill confidence across the organization; to show resilience, drive change, and lead through ambiguous, complex, and tough situations-all the while demonstrating authenticity, care and curiosity. It’s a tough gig!

We deliberately address the distinction between management and leadership. Our Leadership 360 targets the behaviors unique to leadership and therefore does not include managerial tasks such as 1:1s or setting individual performance goals. Instead, we focus on what is required from leaders in today’s workplace – items such as 'Grit', 'Change agent,' and 'Global mindset' speak to the capabilities required of leaders in fast-growth environments.

Some of the key factors covered in our Leadership 360 template include:

  • Driving change

  • Influence and confidence

  • Global mindset and strategic initiative

  • Authenticity and emotional awareness

  • Grit and resilience

Our Leadership 360 is designed specifically for the professional development of senior leaders – including C-suite, executives and senior directors. Like all Culture Amp Effectiveness tools, it is development focused. It equips leaders with rich qualitative and quantitative feedback they can action, presented in a non-threatening way.


The Leadership 360 incorporates the same methodology as our Individual 360 – utilizing findings from coaching, positive psychology and development, and motivational science. It promotes a growth and forward-focused approach to providing senior leaders with real-time feedback to foster a more productive and engaging workforce. It presents strengths and opportunities, with an emphasis on rich qualitative examples.

The items are informed by a thorough review of leadership frameworks, models, research and existing 360s, as well as interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs), L&D professionals, and current executives and senior leaders. Read more about the Science Behind our Leadership 360. The survey is customizable and can be adapted to align with existing leadership frameworks developed internally at your company.

In a Nutshell

The Leadership 360 promotes a growth and forward focused approach to providing senior leaders with real-time feedback. This will foster a more productive and engaging work environment. Following the completion of each 360, leaders will receive a custom report with:

  • Top identified strengths

  • Top identified opportunities to focus on

  • Easily digestible qualitative feedback

Building a culture that values feedback and growth begins with leadership. Leaders who demonstrate a commitment to their own personal growth and development set the example for all employees to follow.

The Leadership 360 template is available for all Effectiveness and full-platform customers. You can find it now in your template library.

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