How to navigate Culture Amp

Welcome to Culture Amp — an employee experience platform for employee engagement, performance management, and employee development. You and your organization may be using Culture Amp for engagement surveys, performance cycles, or utilizing the entire platform. To help you get started, let's take a quick tour of the platform navigation and what's possible in each menu dropdown. 


NOTE: If a menu or feature is not available for your organization, it won't appear in the navigation.


You'll find surveys and feedback for yourself and others in this menu. 

  • Access company-wide surveys, survey programs, and survey reports
  • Give public praise to someone in your organization
  • If you are a manager, understand how your direct reports are giving and receiving feedback
  • Access feedback you have given and received 


You'll find 1-on-1s for yourself and your direct reports in this menu. 

  • Access your 1-on-1s
  • If you are a manager, schedule or edit 1-on-1s for your direct reports


You'll find goals and action plans in this menu.

  • Access individual, team, department, and company goals
  • See action plans, company actions, and action reports


You'll find performance reviews and self-reflections in this menu. 

  • Access your performance reviews and self-reflections 
  • If you are a manager, access performance reviews and self-reflections for your direct reports


You'll find learning and development resources in this menu.

  • Access Playbooks, a learning center of quick answers, expert ideas, and tools for being a great manager
  • Access bite-size coaching lessons with Skills coach on topics
  • Explore the library of development resources

Admin Settings

This menu is accessible to Admins and contains account-level configurations.  

  • Manage users, account demographics, and data integrations
  • Configure  settings for the account, administrators, reports, dashboards, notifications, and learning  

A quick guide to navigation

Give continuous feedback

Feedback > Your feedback > Give feedback


Request continuous feedback about myself

Feedback > Requests about you > Request feedback


Request continuous feedback about my direct report

Feedback > Requests > Request feedback


View my self-reflections

Reviews > Your self-reflections


Launch a performance review cycle (admin-only)

Reviews > Performance review cycles > Create cycle



Start a Skills coach course

Learning > Skills coach > Courses


Access my 1-on-1s

1-on-1s > Select person under Upcoming 1-on-1s


Create an individual goal

Goals> Create goal > Individual goal 



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