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Understand and navigate the functionalities of the Platform Home page

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how to understand and navigate the functionalities of the Platform Home page

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All Users

As you log into the platform, you'll find yourself starting on the Home section, a hub designed to cater to all User types (Employees, Managers and Account Admins). This guide will walk you through the different functionalities of the Platform Home page, from managing tasks to overseeing your team's performance.

Your overview

The Your overview section gathers everything managers, administrators and employees need in Culture Amp into one place: 360s, feedback requests, and a history of completed tasks.

Open Tasks

Uncover tasks awaiting your attention—whether it's providing feedback, completing self-reviews, or selecting reviewers for a 360 cycle. These tasks can be either single-step, quick actions or multi-step.

1. Single-Step Tasks

Single step-tasks are simple tasks that you can complete in a single action, such as responding to a survey or giving feedback in a 360 review cycle.

2. Multi-Step Tasks

Some tasks such as being assigned as a coach for an employees Effectiveness 360 process have more than one step and take place over a longer period of time.

These multi-step tasks can be expanded to show all the required steps and your progress.

In the example below, the employee is tasked with completing their self-review while awaiting feedback from their peer reviewers in the 360 process. Once the due date for peer feedback passes, a new task will prompt them to review and take action based on the received feedback.


Archived tasks

Open tasks more than three months old are much less likely to be actioned. These old tasks are hidden from the task list and are not included in the open task count. You can access and address them at any time by navigating to the Go to archived tasks section.

Once a survey is archived by an administrator, any open tasks are removed completely, and only those tasks that were completed are displayed as completed tasks.

Any completed tasks will also display under your Archived tasks list.

Note: When it comes to Calibration tasks, like the 'Reviewed Shared Calibration' task, they will only disappear from the main task queue if they're over six months old, even after you've taken action on them.

Your feed

The Your feed section on the Home page simplifies the way you interact with our platform by bringing together crucial insights and updates in one centralised location to save you hoping about between product pages.

Upcoming: Displays scheduled items like 1-on-1 conversations.

Recent: Shows recent updates such as when you receive a shoutout

Suggested: Provides recommended actions, like scheduling 1-on-1s with direct reports without scheduled meetings.

Your direct reports Overview (for Managers)

Below your task list on the Home page, you'll find a list of your direct reports, accompanied by a snapshot of your shared 1-on-1 updates. This section highlights the latest updates added by either you or your direct reports to the 1-on-1 agenda, and it provides convenient shortcuts to access pending tasks linked to any ongoing Performance Review cycles.


At the bottom of your Home page you will see a several tiles that are unique to the products that your organization has enabled. Below is an example of tiles that you may see in this section:

Drive your Development: If your organization is using our Effectiveness module, this is where you can launch your own 360 review process in order to gather feedback from your coworkers.

Find a colleague: Here you can search the directory in order to quickly locate any user in your organization. In the directory you can take quick actions such as giving/receiving feedback or viewing and commenting on your peer's goals.

Support Guide: This is a great place to start if you have a question about the platform. Here you can find full documentation on all areas of the Culture Amp product as well as details on product updates.

Cross-Functional teams: If your organization is using our Teams and Team Goals feature, use this tile to create your own Team or explore those that have been created across your company.

Direct Reports (Managers Only): An easy way to view the feedback, self reflections, goals and performance reviews for your direct reports

Mobile Support

The Home page is responsive for small screens. Employees can respond to surveys and give feedback on their phones and other small screens like tablets.

Note that some features, such as reports, are not available on small screens yet.

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