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Use the FAQ template to help prepare for common questions that come up with Employees and Managers when launching a survey

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What can I learn from this page?

How to prepare for common questions that come up when launching a survey to your organisation using our template guidance

Who is this guide for?

Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators


We find that organizations who provide honest and transparent information up front, as part of an alignment strategy, often receive the highest response rates from their surveys. Ensuring people feel comfortable with the process from beginning to end is often the best way to receive proper and timely feedback.

This guide provides a list of employee and manager FAQs that can aid users of the Culture Amp platform. It will provide some guidance and prepare your team for questions that may arise over the survey period. Some users choose to send FAQs ahead of survey deployment, while others as a part of post-survey communications. The responses to these questions should be tailored to your company, process, timing, and audience – it’s meant to serve as a starting point for creating a list of FAQs specific to your organization.

💡 Tip: Make sure to check out our participants' guide which addresses the responses to a number of our most commonly asked questions.

Employee FAQs

Why are you conducting this survey?

The reason can vary for each company, but at a high level, it can be beneficial for employees to hear that the company wants their feedback on their work experience, what’s going well, and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Is the survey confidential? How will results be shared?

Describe who will receive access to the results, minimum thresholds you set for reporting (e.g., groups > 5), etc.

Who was eligible to participate in the survey?

Describe who was invited to participate, and highlight any employee groups that were excluded (e.g., contractors, part-time).

How is the survey being administered?

An opportunity to describe how the survey is being delivered via Culture Amp.

What changed in this year’s survey?

Highlight any changes in survey cadence, survey content, and survey structure. And perhaps denote what has not changed, if applicable.

What are the focus areas of the survey?

This is a chance to highlight the main factors being assessed.

Is the survey available in multiple languages?

Highlight efforts made to deliver the survey in employees’ native language, where relevant.

How and when will results be disseminated?

An opportunity to let everyone know the high-level plan for when they will receive results and/or who is making those decisions about the when and how results will be shared.

Manager FAQs

Will I be able to compare my team’s results this year to results collected in prior surveys?

It can be good to set expectations about what will be possible for comparing results from this survey period to results collected in the past, if relevant.

How will I know when my employees have received survey results?

It’s a good idea to inform managers of the plan to share results with employees (e.g., managers will be responsible for discussing results with teams; employees will be sent a link to view results firsthand at the same time as you, etc).

What data can I access as a manager? The whole company, just my direct reports, all direct and indirect reports?

Managers will want to know what level in the organizational hierarchy they will have access to.

Will I be able to filter results by different filters/demographics (e.g., tenure, location, job title)?

This is a good opportunity to highlight the various demographic filters managers might have access to for examining differences across employee groups.

Will I be able to see the comments that employees left in their surveys?

Managers and employees can get understandably concerned about the treatment of comments. It’s a good idea to clarify how they will (and won’t) be shared as a part of the results dissemination.

Employees took the survey in their native language. Will results be shared out in their native language?

The goal here is to make sure managers have answers to the questions that may come to them from their team, so good to provide them the necessary info up front.

When should I begin acting on the survey results?

A good rule of thumb is to begin having discussions with employees as soon as possible. Once you have the information it’s tough to deny you don’t know where there are opportunities for growth, so don’t wait to begin taking action - and be transparent about the plan.

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