Engagement Surveys

Step-by-step instructions, best practices, and result sharing/interpretation for managing Engagement Surveys.

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Guide to Survey Launch: Question DesignGuidance on our template questions and how to design an effective survey
Guide to Designing a SurveyA guide to designing a survey from the user experience to survey outcomes and focus areas
Question Types Used in SurveysThe different types of questions that can be used when designing a survey
Use Alternatives to the Agreement Scale in SurveysAlternative options for the agreement scale in survey
Branching Logic FAQsBranching logic FAQ's
Use Answer Branching Rules in a SurveyGuidance on how to use answer based branching rules in a survey
Set Up a Demographic Branching RuleGuidance on how to set up a demographic branching rule
Guide to Using Mandatory QuestionsA guide to using mandatory questions within a survey
Configure Mandatory Survey QuestionsHow to configure mandatory survey questions within your survey design
Guide for Adding Safety Questions to the Engagement Survey TemplateAn overview guide for adding safety questions to the engagement survey template
Guide for importing questions to your surveyGuidance on how to add or update your survey questions using the survey question import feature
Guide to Populating Survey Translation Import TemplatesA guide to populating the survey translation import templates for your survey questions and communications
Likert Question Response Formats and the Agree FormatAn overview of the Likert question response and the agree format
Guide to Culture Amp Engagement Questions and AlternativesAn overview guide to the Culture Amp engagement questions and alternatives you could use to structure your survey
The Science Behind Our Driver QuestionsThe science behind our driver/impact questions
Engagement survey template overviewAn overview of the questions and factors in our Engagement survey template

Guide to Understanding Survey Result ReportsGuide to understanding survey results within reports
How scores are calculated for reportsAn overview of how scores are calculated for reports
Difference Between Scores of Strongly Agree and AgreeInformation on the breakdown of our favourability scores
Trend for Surveys and ProgramsHow to visualize survey results across multiple surveys using Trend
Use the custom report to build multi-demographic heatmapsHow to build a custom heatmap
Multiple Choice Questions ReportHow multiple choice questions are viewed and interpreted within a survey report
Guide to the Importance of Finding FocusA guide to the importance of finding focus areas within your survey results
Focus Agent Feature in Survey AnalyticsGuidance of the focus agent feature in survey analytics
How Impact is DeterminedGuidance on how driver analysis determines impact for the focus agent
Impact and driver analysis FAQsFAQ's around impact and driver analysis
Upgrade to how our impact and driver analysis is calculatedAn update to how our Impact is calculated in survey reports
Text Analytics in ReportsHow to use text analytics to get the most out of your written feedback
Text Analytics InsightsAn overview of our text analytic insights in within different industries and regions
Emerging themes in commentsHow to best understand the emerging themes within the comments report
AI comment summaries in Engagement ResultsGuidance on how to use the AI comment summaries feature for analysing comments in your engagement survey reports
What Does 'Not Specified' Mean in Survey ReportsWhat 'not specified' refers to in survey reports
What Does 'All Others' Mean in Survey ReportsAn understanding of what 'all others' in survey reports refers to
Report ColorsHow to understand the color coding variances when viewing exported reports
Correlation Analysis FAQsHow to understand the correlation analysis in more depth using FAQ's
View Performance Ratings in Engagement ReportsGuidance on how to view performance ratings in engagement reports
Guide to learning from your Feedback DigestAn introduction to the Feedback Digest and what you can learn from this data
Guide to identifying and rewarding survey championsA guide to identifying and rewarding survey champions