Inclusion Survey Participant FAQs

Inclusion survey FAQ's for participants

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Inclusion survey FAQ's for participants

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Survey Participants

Hello! You have probably landed here as an employee whose company is about to launch a Diversity and Inclusion Survey. On this page, we'll run through some questions that you may have going into this process. Please note: this is all general information and the exact details may differ depending on your organization.

This survey asks about some sensitive information - is it truly anonymous?

Yes, this survey is 100% anonymous. Your responses are not tied to your employee ID, email address, IP address, or anything else identifiable to you. Raw data is not available to us, only reporting in aggregate is allowed. Your answers are safe, and your participation is voluntary.

If I'm the only person that fits under a certain demographic, how will my answers be kept anonymous?

Culture Amp’s tool utilizes a “Reporting Group Minimum.” If you are in any demographic group that does not meet the Reporting Group Minimum, your results will not be shown. They will still count towards the aggregate score, but it is impossible to filter down to any demographic (or combination of demographics) that is below the Reporting Group Minimum.

How will my response, even if it's not identifiable, be used?

The team will be able to analyze the aggregated results and distill them into a few, select focus areas. To build a diverse and inclusive organization, we need to understand the employee experience, and that starts with understanding how people from all backgrounds feel about these 7 constructs on Diversity and Inclusion.

How were these questions developed?

The Diversity and Inclusion Survey was developed by data analysts from Culture Amp and social scientists at Paradigm, with input from industry leaders. Some of the questions were chosen because historical evidence from Culture Amp shows that there are stark differences between groups. Other questions were chosen from Paradigm based on leading research on the growth mindset, belonging uncertainty, and other inclusion research topics. All of the questions are worded and ordered in a way to ensure robust, statistical validity.

I care about Diversity and Inclusion - how can I help my organization move forward?

Every organization will use their survey results differently, so to figure out how you can get involved, we recommend getting in touch with the team at your organization facilitating the survey. This might be your HR/People team internally - keep an eye out for a Survey Invitation email, which will likely come from the team you can get in touch with!

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