Align Goals to Higher Order Goals

How to align your individual goals to higher order goals

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How to align your individual goals to higher order goals

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In this support guide we will explore how to create organizational transparency and strategic alignment by aligning your individual and department goals to higher-order department and company goals.

Align New or Existing Goals

You can align your goal to one or more higher-order department and company goals while creating the goal by searching for the name of the department or company under Goal Alignments and selecting the desired goal.


Aligning your goals ensures that they’re visible in the Goal tree view.

If you have already created your goal, you can return to the goal at any time and select Edit in order to add one or more goal alignments.


Note: It is only possible to align a goal to another when it meets the following criteria:

  • It’s still in progress

  • It’s not past it’s due date (i.e, Goals will not be displayed in the alignment list if the goal has been ‘accomplished’ or if the goal is past its due date)


Can department goals align with multiple company goals, or are they limited to aligning with only one goal?

Yes, department goals can indeed align with multiple company goals.

Can a department goal be aligned to a team goal?

No, it's possible to align a team goal with a department goal, but not vice versa.

Goal alignments follow an upward direction, starting with individual goals, then progressing to team goals, department goals, and finally company goals (highest).

You can only align lower-ranked goals (e.g., Team) with higher-ranked goals (e.g., Department). However, aligning goals downward, such as aligning a department goal with a team goal, is not possible.

Why can't I see the goal in the alignment box?

The Alignment box has a limitation and can display only up to twenty-five goals. If there are more than twenty-five goals, you'll need to utilize the search function.

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