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How to Sync Your 1-on-1s with Your Calendar Events (1-on-1s Classic)
How to Sync Your 1-on-1s with Your Calendar Events (1-on-1s Classic)

Guidance on how to sync your 1-on-1s conversations with your calendar

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Guidance on how to sync your 1-on-1s with your calendar

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🚫 Note: Calendar sync for 1-on-1 conversations (new) is unavailable, as it's no longer necessary. Use the copy link feature instead to include 1-on-1 links in calendar invites easily.


1-on-1 conversations (classic) are a feature in Culture Amp to help managers and employees have more meaningful, continuous conversations. Using this feature, managers and employees can easily prepare for and conduct 1-on-1s directly in Culture Amp.

Step 1: Connect to calendar

1. Click into your 1-on-1s tab > Calendar Sync option:

2. Click Connect to Calendar:

3. Before syncing, your 1-on-1 calendar events you will be prompted to select your email provider and authorize Culture Amp to access your calendar. We will attempt to detect your calendar provider based on the email you have used to sign in to the Culture Amp platform with:

In some instances, you may need to select your calendar provider from a list manually:

4. On the next login screen enter your email provider password.

Note: You must complete this step with the email address you use to log in to Culture Amp with. If your Culture Amp user profile uses a different email address from the one used for your calendar provider, the sync will not work.

5. On the next screen you will be prompted to approve the terms and permissions of the sync. Click Allow.

Once completed, you should be automatically returned to your Culture Amp calendar sync page with the option to link particular events to 1-on-1s.

Step 2: Sync 1-on-1 with calendar event

This links Culture Amp 1-on-1 to your matching calendar event. Once you’ve given Culture Amp access to your calendar, you can set up each of your direct reports with 1-on-1s. You need to have a recurring event in your calendar first, before taking the next steps in Culture Amp.

1. Culture Amp displays a list of events from your calendar. Select the event that corresponds to your 1-on-1 meeting from the list and click Sync with Calendar Event to link your conversations.

3. Upon syncing you will see a green success message confirming your event is linked.


Which calendars work with calendar sync?

We automatically detect and connect with Google, Office 365 and Microsoft cloud accounts. We cannot sync with personal accounts, Microsoft Exchange hosted on-premise, Microsoft GCC or encrypted mail calendar accounts like Proton Mail.

Please note that for Microsoft and Office365 accounts, tenant-wide Admin permissions will need to be granted to users via the Admin Consent workflow to prevent users having to submit requests individually to Admins. More information can be found here.

How do I edit my 1-on-1 schedule?

Update your calendar event in your calendar, and it will be reflected in Culture Amp!

What can the API access?

Culture Amp's APIs are communicating with the calendar provider APIs (For example, Google Calendar API or Microsoft API). Depending on the calendar providers requirements, we ensure our access is limited to calendar events.

How do I remove calendar sync?

Select ‘Disconnect your calendar provider’ in Culture Amp or remove your calendar and 1-on-1 sync from your calendar provider settings.

What happens if I end or change my calendar event?

If you end a calendar event, you need to create a new one and sync it again.

Your calendar event can end for 2 reasons:

  1. There was an end date on a repeating event.

  2. Your calendar event was deleted.

Sync your calendar event if you change your calendar event series. When you make a change, we’ll notify you in Culture Amp and by email.

Why can’t I see the event I want to sync?

If you’ve synced your calendar event for the first time, wait 15 minutes and try again.

If you have a calendar event but can’t link it in CultureAmp, check:

  • Your event is recurring

  • Your direct report is invited to the event

  • The event is created in your primary calendar

  • The event doesn’t have additional participants (e.g. a room or a third person)

  • You’re the event owner

  • If the next 1-on-1 in the calendar is more than 4-5 weeks away it may not display for syncing; try again nearer the time

At this current point in time, you are not able to connect to sync calendar events if the email address linked to the calendar for a Manager or Direct Report is not the same email address as the email address that uploaded to Culture Amp. Examples of where this might occur.

  • Outlook users: A long and short email address can be loaded for a user. In most instances, users will know their email address as the short email and this is the one that is imported into Culture Amp. However the long email address is the email linked to the calendar. In this instance the emails do not match

  • Internationally based companies: Users are assigned an email address such as but users will commonly use is the email address loaded into Culture Amp. In this instance the emails do not match

What happens if your Culture Amp user profile uses a different email address from the one used for your calendar provider?

The sync will not work. The calendar sync will only work if the email address in Culture Amp is the same as the one used for your calendar provider.

Why can I not see the calendar sync button?

If you are not able to see the Calendar sync button, we recommend logging into the Culture Amp platform via your mobile device. If the button appears this will confirm if your company security settings are preventing the button from appearing. Culture Amp will require the following URL to pass SSL inspection

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