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Goals, 1-on-1s, Skills Coach, Anytime Feedback Product Updates 2023
Goals, 1-on-1s, Skills Coach, Anytime Feedback Product Updates 2023

A running list of Goals, 1-on-1s, Skills Coach, Anytime Feedback Product Updates through 2023

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A running list of Goals, 1-on-1s, Skills Coach Product Updates through 2023

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20 Sep 2023 - Date and person filters added to the Shoutouts feed

Date and person filters now available on the Shoutouts feed make it easy to filter content on both the feed -- to highlight shoutouts for a specific direct report, for example -- and across each of the reporting tiles such as the Leaderboard -- to support a monthly recognition award, for example. Learn more.

4 Aug 2023 - Org-wide reporting is now available on the Shoutouts feed

Organizations can now begin to more easily understand the value of Shoutouts, gaining visibility into not only the company values that most resonate across the organization but also the channels, teams, and individuals most engaged with peer-to-peer recognition. Learn more.

18 July 2023 - Ability to Filter Department Goals in Goals reporting

We have changed the current Department filter to only show Department type goals of the selected department(s) and have introduced a new filter (Owner's department) to replace what the current department filter does (Display all goal types that belong to owners who are in the selected department(s))In summary, these filters are:

  • Department filter - Only show Department type goals of the selected department(s)

  • Owner's department - Display all goal types that belong to owners who are in the selected department(s))

14 July 2023 - Slack names now reflected on the shoutouts feed

We've improved the way names are displayed in the shoutouts feed in Culture Amp. Previously, changes made to a name in Slack wouldn't update in the shoutouts feed. Now, the shoutouts feed will accurately show the user's preferred name from their Slack account. Learn more.

11 July 2023 - 1-on-1 Topics enhancements

We've made 1-on-1 agendas easier to use. You can now add new topics to the form just by pressing 'Enter,' and they'll show up at the bottom of the list. This change ensures that the 'Discuss check-in responses' topic will be at the top by default. So, if you add your most important topics first, there's no need for constant reordering. Learn more.

5 Jul 2023 - Upcoming 1-on-1 reminders via MS Teams

Individuals will get a friendly reminder to complete their 1-on-1 check-in via MS Teams, two business days before their next conversation. People leaders will be reminded the day before to review and add any agenda items.

16 June 2023 - Improvements to Shoutouts

We have made some small improvements to Shoutouts. Admins now have the ability to unmark Shoutouts triggered in error and disable automated bot responses to Shoutouts.

18 May 2023 - Introducing Shoutouts - Celebrate Great Work When It Happens

Enable values-driven work, build engagement, and foster team appreciation in Slack with Shoutouts. Shoutouts is a real-time recognition tool that helps celebrate, socialize, and reinforce behaviors that build an intentional culture around appreciation.

17 May 2023 - Emojis are now Optional, and Custom Emojis are now Supported in Shoutouts

Admins can now create values without an associated emoji. Also, Organizational values now support custom emojis in Slack. To use custom emojis, admins can enter the shortcode used in Slack to the emoji text field when creating values. Custom emojis will only display in Slack, not in Culture Amp. Learn more.

16 May 2023 - Multilingual Keywords and Values in Shoutouts

It is now possible to use characters from almost all modern languages when creating their custom keywords and organizational values in Shoutouts. All characters included in Unicode’s Basic Multilingual Plane are now supported. Learn more.

2 May 2023 - Shoutouts dossier small improvements

We have made updates to the Shoutouts tab in the dossier. You can now filter between shoutouts given and received, showcase direct report’s names, display tagged values, have the option to easily click to view the original post in Slack, and have emojis displayed.

1 May 2023 - Shoutouts Organizational values

We have made updates to the Organizational values in Shoutouts. Customers can now define custom value and emoji pairs in Culture Amp, add values to shoutouts in Slack by including the value’s emoji in the post, reacting to the post with the value’s emoji, or selecting the value from the dropdown in thread, and view tagged values on the Shoutouts feed in Culture Amp. This helps organizations pursue more structured employee recognition programs is to reinforce their values and culture.

28 April 2023 - Improvements in Shoutouts Feed

We have made improvements to the Shoutouts feed, which include a collapsible filter bar to the You and Direct reports tabs of the Shoutouts feed to help users easily sort between shoutouts they (or their teams) have given and received. We have also updated how Shoutouts appear in Slack to no longer replace user Slack handles with Full names as well as small updates to emoji grouping, display name logic under the “You” tab.

24 Apr 2023 - Save highlights and challenges from 1-on-1 conversations for your performance review

Each 1-on-1 conversation is an opportunity for individuals to reflect and share successes and challenges with their managers. Now, both managers and individuals can choose to save these highlights, and opportunities for growth, in their employee profile, for easy access when writing performance reviews.

18 April 2023 - Updates to Goals Reporting

We have made updates to the Goals Report and export options. All goals will be now listed and un-redacted in the report, except for goals with the marked as “Only Me”. This helps to create a holistic list of all goals in the organization including development goals to be able to validate their investment and identify growth areas and areas needing help driving a goals culture. Learn more.

5 Apr 2023 - Goal usage reporting now based on Goal Owner

The Goal Usage Report now displays data based on the Goal Owner to provide more accurate statistics about created goals. These statistics now no longer count as a goal towards the creator but rather the owner. This will help when leaders, HRBPs, or admins when creating goals for other individuals to own. Learn more.

22 Mar 2023 - 1-on-1 reminders via Slack

Individuals will get a friendly reminder to complete their 1-on-1 check-in via Slack, two business days before their next conversation. People leaders will be reminded the day before to review and add any agenda items.

We’ve baked self-reflections into each 1-on-1 to give your people the opportunity to pause and reflect on how they’re doing so they can bring the most pressing topics to the table. Sending timely reminders about where your people spend their time, in the flow of work, ensures they make the time and space to reflect, ready to make the most of precious time with their leaders, in the conversation.

22 Mar 2023 - Calendar sync for 1-on-1 conversations

Managers can now link 1-on-1’s in Culture Amp, to event invites in their calendar for easy scheduling changes. This can be done as part of setting up a new 1-on-1, or existing conversations can be synced from the Calendar Sync page.

This will save managers time, no longer managing a schedule in two places, so you and your team know your agenda items and notes will reflect the date and time from your calendar, making it easier to keep track of important information. In addition, with calendars as the source of truth, managers have all the flexibility available in frequency, start time, and duration of the calendar to schedule their conversations to suit them and their people. Learn more.

15 March 2023 - Shoutouts available in the Dossier

Shoutouts are now visible in the dossier, which helps to make performance reviews easier and more impactful.

12 March 2023 - Minor title update to Anytime Feedback navigation

We've updated the navigation menu on the Account Dashboard to say ‘Feedback', rather than ‘Anytime Feedback’. Learn more.

21 Feb 2023 - 1-on-1 Mark off discussed agenda items

Keep track of what has been discussed and what needs to be discussed easily in your 1-on-1 conversations.

13 Feb 2023 - Calendar Integration 1:1’s - Early Access Program

Connect 1:1’s to your calendar

Calendar Sync makes managing 1-on-1s easier by linking 1-on-1s in Culture Amp to event invites in your calendar. This means your calendar will be the place for all frequency and schedule updates. Once synced, Culture Amp will reflect your calendar event schedule automatically so managers can focus on 1:1 conversations and not the administration!

10 Feb 2023 - Updated goal reporting filters

Administrators now have a comprehensive way to slice goal usage information according to different scenarios.

Along with the existing Date, Department, Type, and Manager filters, you can also find the following:

  • Owner

  • Employee start date

  • Last updated date

  • Status

  • Priority

24 January 2023 - Direct Reports Section on Home Page

We have updated the Home page for Managers to include Direct Report 1-on-1 information to easily prompt them to reflect, fill in their check-in, and add to their agenda items. Learn more.

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