Effectiveness 360 FAQ for Employees

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions when participating in an Effectiveness 360 Survey

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Get answers to the most commonly asked questions when participating in an Effectiveness 360 Survey

Who is this guide for?

Survey Participants

What is an Effectiveness 360 Survey?

Our Individual Effectiveness survey uses a 360 feedback process and is built to support employee development, not performance evaluation. It is intended to provide you with an opportunity for learning and growth. The feedback you receive in your 360 should help you to answer these two questions:

  1. What are the key things that I am doing well and should keep doing?

  2. What are the most important things that I should focus on to make myself, my team and my organization more successful?

How does 360 feedback work?

Here are the basics. A 360 (sometimes referred to as 'multi-rater feedback') is generally understood as the process whereby an individual obtains feedback, usually through a survey, from groups of reviewers at work. Typically there are 4 reviewer categories: Self, Manager, Co-workers and Direct reports. The feedback is then presented back to the individual in a format where they can see a breakdown of the feedback by category.

The advantage of 360s over other forms of feedback is that you can compare many different perspectives of your behavior in one place. This type of feedback can increase self-awareness by showing you how you are perceived by others. It can also help you in determining the most important things to focus on first.

What is the difference between an employee driven workflow and an admin driven workflow?

Surveys set up with an employee driven workflow can be launched by participants themselves, by logging in to Culture Amp and from your home page select the Launch 360 option under Drive your Development. If you don’t see this option, reach out to your Account admin, as your survey may be set up with the admin driven workflow instead.

If you’ve been invited to a survey with an admin-driven workflow, you won’t be able to launch your 360 yourself, but will need to wait for notifications to arrive in Slack or via email for each stage of the process.

Who should I select to provide me with feedback?

You should nominate around 6 people (you can choose a few more) to be your reviewers. This group should typically include your manager and a combination of co-workers/team members as well as any employees who report to you. If you are not currently in a people-lead role, then you may choose to select more co-workers.

You can choose reviewers while your 360 is in the Nominating stage, and once you've decided on the final list, your 360 will move to the Nominated stage. Once your 360 has been launched and reviewers have been asked to provide feedback, you can no longer add more reviewers, or remove reviewers yourself. You need to ask your Coach (if you have one assigned who can arrange this via the Survey Admin or reach out to the Survey Admin directly. Whether you have a Coach assigned depends on the Survey Settings. Reach out to your Survey Admin if you’re not sure.

Your reviewers (including yourself) will receive an email from Culture Amp containing links to submit feedback for various people. See our tips on choosing your reviewers for your 360.

I need to give someone feedback, what tips do you have?

We also recommend you sign in to Culture Amp to see a list of all the people who asked you for feedback on your Dashboard. You can see when the feedback is due, and also review any feedback you already gave to people using the Go to Archived Tasks link.

Who has access to my feedback?

The results are your own. Only your nominated Coach (most likely your manager) and the identified Survey Administrators for your company will have access to individual reports.

Your feedback results will be available to your Coach throughout the survey process (typically the survey will stay open for 1-2 weeks). Shortly after the feedback period closes, your Coach will share your results with you and arrange a time for your Feedback Review session. During this session, you and your Coach will work through your results together.

What is the role of my Coach?

Your Coach will help you to contextualize your feedback, to give you someone to discuss your results with, and to help you to choose a focus for action. Trust us, this is much easier than trying to do it alone! Our Guide for Coaching in a Feedback Review explains what to expect.

Are my answers confidential?

This depends on how the survey was set up prior to launch by your account/survey administrators. You can review the specific reporting rules for your survey by clicking into the Reporting Rules link found on your survey invitation, or on the welcome page of the survey!

If the Named Reviewer setting has been enabled for the survey, all feedback reported will be grouped into the following categories: Self-Review; Manager; Direct Reports; and Co-workers. While your name will be listed as a person requested to provide feedback, it will not be directly linked to any individual responses. However, as there is no reporting minimum for this survey, if you are the only person providing feedback in a category (i.e. direct report), then your feedback may be indirectly linked to you.

If the Named Reviewer setting has not been enabled for the survey, all feedback reported will be grouped into the following categories: Self-Review; Manager; Direct Reports; and Co-workers. Your name will not be associated with the feedback, it will simply have a label showing which reviewer type the feedback came from.

Is the feedback I receive anonymous?

While no names are associated with responses, all feedback including comments will be grouped into the following categories: Self, Manager, Co-workers and Direct Reports. There is also no minimum reporting size, meaning that if there is only one person in a category who has provided feedback (e.g. manager, direct report) it would be possible to identify who that is. The survey also asks reviewers to provide specific examples to support selections and therefore it can sometimes be easy to identify who the feedback is coming from by the example used.

The best and most helpful pieces of feedback are often specific and with more detail, making it less likely that anonymity is preserved. But this is not necessarily an issue. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of 360s is to give co-workers a way to provide feedback in a more consistent and structured manner; not to create a way to provide anonymous feedback, although we recognize the latter is helpful in some cases.

How can I make the most of my feedback?

We've put together an article to guide you through this -Making the Most of Your Individual Feedback. Here's a quick summary to prepare you ahead of time:

Learn, act, and repeat. Learn by reviewing your feedback with your Coach to identify key areas you are doing well and key opportunities for you to develop. Remember to say thanks to everyone who gave you feedback! Act by choosing an area to focus on and creating a plan to make progress. Repeat by signing up to go through another round of Individual Effectiveness feedback in about 4-6 months time.

Can I edit my feedback once I’ve submitted it?

Once the 360 feedback has been submitted, you are unable to edit the feedback.

You do have the option to reset the feedback survey, by clicking the link on the feedback request email and resetting the response on the Thank you page.

You can also reach out to the internal admins within your organization and they will be able to reset the survey on their end. If you are unsure who the internal admin within your organization is, feel free to contact Support (support@cultureamp.com) and we can assist you.

How can I view feedback that has already been submitted?

Once the feedback has been submitted for an Effectiveness survey, the feedback that was provided is no longer accessible.

Other types of Effectiveness Surveys

You may have been asked to participate in a Manager 180 or a Team Effectiveness survey, which can be slightly different than our Effectiveness 360 and Leadership 360 surveys.

Leadership 360:
Our Leadership 360 is designed specifically for the professional development of senior leaders – including C-suite, executives and senior directors. This survey type incorporates the same methodology as our Individual 360 – utilizing findings from coaching, positive psychology and development, and motivational science

The Manager Effectiveness Survey is a Snapshot survey. The set up and reporting will reflect that of an Engagement Survey and will not resemble the Individual/ Leadership 360s

Team Effectiveness:
The Team Effectiveness Survey is a Snapshot survey which resembles the Manager Effectiveness Survey but focuses on the team rather than the manager. The set up and reporting will reflect that of an Engagement Survey and will not resemble the Individual/ Leadership 360s

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