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Comment on Strength and Improvement Areas in Effectiveness Surveys
Comment on Strength and Improvement Areas in Effectiveness Surveys

How to set up your 360 strength and improvement select questions to include comments

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What can I learn from this page?

How to set up your 360 strength and improvement select questions to include comments

Who is this guide for?

Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

Feedback on strengths and opportunities is most effective when it is supported by concrete examples. That's why we enable reviewers to give specific examples in a clear and structured way.

This makes it easier for reviewers to focus on giving actionable feedback and for employees to understand why certain skills are considered by their colleagues as their strengths or areas for improvement.

When you create a new 360 survey from one of our templates, you automatically get this 360 experience.


Survey Designer has also been enhanced to let you differentiate between a skill and its description. This makes it easier for reviewers to scan and understand the options available.


What is Different About the Select Questions with Comments?

All Select questions are questions where the reviewer picks from a list of options, for example, a list of Strength and Improvement areas. In the Survey Design you have a choice between two main types of Select questions:

Regular Select
(Single Select,
Multiple Select)

Select with Comments
(Multi Select with Comments)

Comments on selections

Separate Title and Description fields

"Other" option for custom answers

Customizable select limit

Comments linked to selections in reports

How can I Enable this Great 360s Experience?

There are four situations possible:

  1. You create a new 360 survey for your employees or managers from Culture Amp template. Then you automatically get the latest updates. Your reviewers will be prompt to provide comments when they answer questions about strengths and improvement areas.

  2. You create a new 360 survey by duplicating one of your previous 360 surveys. Then we will offer you an option to upgrade to the enhanced 360 experience with comments on strengths and improvement areas.

  3. You want to update an ongoing 360 survey. Please see instructions below.

  4. You create a 360 survey from scratch. If you plan to include some questions that require selections, the Instructions below will help you with Survey Design.

How do I Enable Comments for Select Questions in an Existing Survey?

Any question in an existing survey can be easily converted to a select question with comments.

The process is also reversible and you will not lose any previously submitted comments. Questions converted from 'Multi Select with Comments' to 'Multiple Select' will not have previously submitted comments displayed in reports. Reverting back to 'Multi Select with Comments' will likewise display comments submitted previously.

Follow this simple steps to change a multi select question to multi select question with comments:

1. Navigate to the configuration page of your survey (wrench icon)


2. Visit the Questions tab in survey Configuration


3. Click Edit Survey button

4. Navigate to the section that contains the question you wish to edit

5. Locate the question you wish to change and click on the edit (pencil) icon


6. Select "Multi Select with Comments" in the Question Type field. Click Update.


7. Now you can go into Answer Details and update Title and Description. Click Update.


8. Now you can see all updates in Survey Design using Preview Survey icon and choose the visibility of the Survey you'd like to see.


Comments give an opportunity to reviewers to provide concrete examples of behavior and explain why they selected certain skills as strengths or improvement areas. It also helps employees doing their 360s to get actionable and forward-looking feedback and to clearly understand what they should start, continue and stop doing to be successful.

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