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Individual Effectiveness 360 Survey Insight Report
Individual Effectiveness 360 Survey Insight Report

An overview of the Individual effectiveness 360 survey insight report

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What can I learn from this page?

An overview of the Individual effectiveness 360 survey insight report

Who is this guide for?

Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators, Coaches

When running an Individual Effectiveness (360) survey, administrators and coaches have access to the Insights report that displays common strengths and opportunities for their employees. This information can help you with optimizing Learning and Development, hiring and developing a culture of feedback.

What is the Individual Effectiveness Insight Report?

The Insight report aggregates data across all 360 processes in a survey, so you can get a better understanding of common strengths and opportunities for improvement among your employees. Coaches have more focused view of this report showing data only for the people they are coaching on that survey.


In this example, the skill "Team Player" was the top improvement area among employees in the survey: It was selected as an improvement area for 94% employees who did their 360s.

Note: Insight & Comment reports do not include Self Review responses.

How can I use this Report?

1. Optimizing L&D

The aggregate results of Individual 360s can help you with training needs analysis and pinpoint which programs would have the largest impact on the largest number of people for the organization overall or in particular departments.

In the example above, employees need support with developing their team, innovation and strategy skills. How can you address those needs in your L&D programs?

Filter the Insight report by Department, for example, to see that group's specific training and development needs.

You can also track scores over time to see if L&D programs are working.

2. Optimizing hiring

If you see a significant gap in a certain skill area, you can even consider hiring employees that are already strong in those skills. E.g. if a common improvement area is "Technical Competence", you can prioritize hiring more experienced specialists.

3. Building a constructive feedback culture

The report could also be used to get a broader view of how constructive the given feedback is, and get a feel of the tone used by employees when providing feedback - is it positive, angry, etc., by viewing comments and open text responses. Survey administrators and coaches can use this to track the effectiveness of the surveying process, and educate employees on how to provide feedback. You can find some tips here.


Which 360 processes are included in the report?

At the top of the report you'll find a count of employees included in the report:


This count means that the report includes 71 employees who already started receiving feedback in the survey, out of the 114 employees that have 360 processes in survey. As more employees start receiving feedback, results will get more complete (and will be updated in real time).

Can I filter this report to specific parts of the organization?

You sure can! You can see strengths and opportunities filtered by any demographics included in your employee data, such as location, department or team. This way you can make targeted decisions about Learning & Development activities for different parts of your organization.


What does a selection count and percentage mean?

Reviewers in this survey could choose up to 3 strengths for a person. The area "Focus" in the example below was selected for 51% of employees being reviewed.


In addition, you can see that there have been 49 comments provided by reviewers.

Can I share this report with employees?

Comments and open text questions sometimes include identifiable information of the reviewer or the reviewed employee. We do not currently offer sharing functionality in this report, and if you choose to share it we advise you to do so with care. Someone other than an Admin or Coach can only get access to an individuals’ feedback if the individual shares it with them directly. There is an option for them to share with anyone in their org (active users in their account) when they view their individual feedback report.

To create and share the story about the key aggregate results, please use PowerPoint Export for 360 Insight report.

What exports are available?

It isn’t possible to extract all individual processes via an export, other than RDE if that’s enabled. The Insight report can export to powerpoint, but not excel or other options you get in other survey types. Support can also export a 360 participation file if any Admin requires it. This file provides them with the reviewer data and statuses for all 360 processes on the survey (not draft processes).

Note: ‘Other’ comments are not displayed in the Insight report (like Free text question comments are); they are only reported in the individual feedback reports.

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