Custom SFTP send
How to set up a custom SFTP send
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How to set up a custom SFTP send

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Account Admins, IT

You can save time and effort by configuring your HRIS to automatically extract and send your employee data to Culture Amp via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Employee data files sent to Culture Amp via SFTP will be processed using our partial import process, allowing you to safely decentralize employee data management across your organisation.

Once files are successfully imported via SFTP, you’ll see added/updated employee details in the Users page of your Culture Amp account.

If your HRIS is not listed in Culture Amp or you do not know if your HRIS supports automatic SFTP transfers, contact your HRIS representative directly.

If not, your Engineering or IT team may also be able to help you set up an automatic transfer via an external SFTP client such as Filezilla.

Culture Amp Product Support are also happy to assist with any questions you / your Engineering / IT might have, so feel free to loop them in.

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