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Guide to Presenting Results: Overall Engagement
Guide to Presenting Results: Overall Engagement

A guide to presenting your overall engagement results using the powerpoint export

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A guide to presenting your overall engagement results using the powerpoint export

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators



It is important to give context to Engagement when talking about your Engagement score if you haven't by this stage. You can talk about what engagement refers to as a concept (see our description) as well as how you have measured it. The generated presentation you export will include your engagement questions on the slide. Our recent blog post on What is Employee Engagement can give you some wider talking points.

Comparisons to any benchmarks or previous surveys will be included as you specified during export. Keep in mind that the focus here will be on comparing Engagement at the factor level, not the question level. Comparisons will only show on your Engagement score when they contain the same questions.

If your organization contains multiple smaller companies, we've seen some customers list the engagement of their divisions or companies here.


Survey Factors are also worth highlighting. You can talk about the high level themes of your results this way. If the factors align to factors from our Benchmarks or even a past survey then you can look at percentage differences over time for any standout areas.


After briefly looking at any important factors, it is time to start narrowing the focus down to specific questions. You can do that by looking at your strengths and opportunities.

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