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Guide to Communicating Headline Results to Your Organization
Guide to Communicating Headline Results to Your Organization

A guide to communicating headline results to your organization

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A guide to communicating headline results to your organization including a link to recommended templates

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

After you have communicated and discussed your results with your leaders you are now in a position to be able to share some headline results with everyone. You may also be in a position to share what primary focus areas have been arrived and committed to by the leaders. However, even if you have not got that far you can still communicate some headline results and communicate the plan for finding a focus towards actions.

If you are still working with your leaders to find a focus area you can use this template as a starting point to at least keep the results communications rolling. This is crucial to keeping the survey feedback process alive. If you leave communicating longer, then people can begin to forget what the survey was about and even wonder if you are ignoring or looking for ways to avoid the feedback. This is unhealthy for keeping the survey feedback channel open as an important source of organizational feedback in the longer term.

If you have arrived at some key focus areas with your leaders then you are in a position to communicate a little more. You don't need to propose a solution or make a commitment to any specific actions. The idea is to communicate that the leaders have considered the results (and listened) and have decided to narrow this down to a commitment to understanding and working with everyone on something the survey results showed. You might also communicate some things that you've decided not to focus on for now. Not because they are not important, but instead because you want to create some focus and make sure you can focus your efforts.

This template provides an example of how you might share this sort of information via an email or other communication channel. You might also choose to present some of your overall results presentation at an All Hands meeting.

You'll also notice in the templates that we suggest communicating a little about your roll out plan. This includes information about timing of next steps for sharing lower levels of data through the organization and potentially how that data will be used versus the overall company focuses. A simple and effective method can be to allow managers, teams or locations to select one additional focus area they might identify in their own results.

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