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Guidance on setting up and using the Culture Amp <> Comprehensive Integration

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How to set up the Comprehensive integration and sync performance data to a Comprehensive review cycle

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Performance Admins


  • This feature is available for Culture Amp Customers using Performance Reviews and active subscribers to Comprehensive.

  • You must close a cycle in order for data to sync; incomplete cycle data will not be included in updates.

  • Performance data is automatically shared hourly with Comprehensive and will update directly into live Compensation Reviews if changes are made to an employee’s performance data.

  • Learn more about this integration option through our FAQs

  • If you are having an issue with your integration or data please contact Comprehensive support as your first point of call.

  • If you’re interested in setting up a Comprehensive account, visit Comprehensive’s website to schedule a demo or learn more.

Comprehensive is an all-in-one compensation management platform that helps HR teams run compensation reviews and communicate compensation to employees.

The Culture Amp < > Comprehensive integration syncs performance data from Culture Amp when making compensation decisions in Comprehensive, enabling your team to:

  1. Run compensation reviews without a single spreadsheet

    • Comprehensive integrates with Culture Amp and your HRIS helping you make efficient, transparent, and equitable compensation decisions from one centralized place.

  2. Connect compensation to performance

    • View employee compensation side-by-side with performance data to ensure your scarce budget dollars are being effectively used to retain top performers.

    • Calculate salary increase and bonus recommendations based on performance data.

  3. Empower people leaders to make fully-informed compensation decisions

    • Configurable permissions and approval workflows make it easy to get input from different managers, while sticking to budgets and internal pay equity.

  4. Benchmark employees against market data

    • Access NA benchmarking data informed by real-time compensation from over 3,000 companies.

Setting up the Culture Amp <> Comprehensive Integration

Follow the steps below for guidance on how you can set up this integration.

Step 1: Generate Credentials in Culture Amp Admin Settings

  1. As an Admin, you can find Comprehensive under your Settings > Data Integrations page

  2. Click Set Up Comprehensive Integration to begin

  3. Generate new credentials for Comprehensive

  4. Once generated, copy the client ID and secret key

    1. You’ll use these details to complete authentication in the Comprehensive app. Be careful to not share your secret anywhere public or in unsecure messages.

Step 2: Complete Integration Authentication in Comprehensive Admin Settings

  1. Click on the Add Integration button

  2. Follow the steps in the modal to set up a new integration

Using the Comprehensive <> Culture Amp Integration Workflow

  1. Complete a performance review: Launch and complete a performance review. For more information on how to close a Performance Cycle - see here.

  2. Auto-sync performance data to Comprehensive: Once the review cycle concludes, performance data will automatically sync from Culture Amp to Comprehensive. Note that you must close a cycle in order for data to sync; incomplete cycle data will not be included in updates.

  3. Run a compensation review: Run a compensation review in Comprehensive, which can now include the performance ratings for your Employees captured in your Culture Amp perforamnce review.

  4. Managers & employees can access data: Employees can easily view their performance and compensation data at any time in Comprehensive.

For additional support or questions check out our FAQs or please contact:

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