Manage which employees can launch their own Individual effectiveness (employee driven) 360 survey

What can I learn from this page? How to add participants to an Employee Driven 360 Effectiveness Survey
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Employees have different degrees of experience and confidence giving and receiving feedback. To support them, 360 surveys let you decide if starting a process can be driven by the employee.
Administrators can now pick who is able to start their own 360 process by configuring participants, like in Manager and Team Effectiveness surveys.
This enables great flexibility in rolling out an Individual Effectiveness program. For example, a company might run a coached Administrator Driven survey for employees new to feedback. For employees who are more experienced providing and receiving feedback, the company could also offer Employee Driven surveys to give them more control over their feedback and development cycle.

How to select participants:

  1. Select Participants
  2. Got to the Configuration page of the Employee Driven surveymceclip0.png
  3. By default, all employees are selected as participants. Select/deselect employees to build the list of participants you want. You can group employees by demographics (like Tenure) and Department to make selection easier. 
  4. All changes are auto-saved. Only employees selected in the list will be able to start a 360 as part of this survey.

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