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Launch Individual effectiveness 360 surveys
Launch Individual effectiveness 360 surveys
How to activate your Individual Effectiveness Survey and start creating 360 processes for participants
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How to activate your Individual Effectiveness Survey and start creating 360 processes for participants

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

When you have finished configuring your survey Settings, Design and Communications you are ready to set your schedule and create 360 processes.

Launching your survey will not automatically kick off any feedback process – it just marks the survey as Live and ready to begin creating each individual feedback process.

  1. Go to the Launch Plan page of your survey configuration and review the Schedule for Due Dates and Reminders. Make any changes and Update Schedule.

  2. When you are ready to begin setting up your individual feedback processes, click Choose Participants at the top of your Launch Plan page. This changes the survey from draft status to Live and you can use the Manage 360s link to start creating 360 processes.


The diagram below illustrates the steps, roles and communications involved in launching the survey, and running each feedback process:

Start a new individual feedback process for an employee

Once you’ve launched your 360° Feedback Survey, you will be able to begin setting up each individual process for your employees who are seeking feedback

  1. From the Surveys page, select View reports to access the Process manager

  2. From the Process manager click Create 360

  3. Choose Employee and Coach using the search fields

  4. Click Save draft

  5. On the Process manager page, select the 360 process and click Request nomination button to kick off the nomination workflow and notify the employee to nominate reviewers

  6. Once the employee has nominated reviewers, click Launch button to send survey emails out to reviewers



  • If you would like to select reviewers on behalf of the employee and start their 360° feedback process right away, you may choose all the Reviewers and select “Launch” to send invitations to provide feedback immediately.

  • If you want to create 360s for a lot of employees at once, you can do it quickly with Bulk create

Managing an open feedback process

While an individual’s feedback period is open an administrator can:

  • Send Survey Reminders to Reviewers who’ve not yet responded, in addition to those that are automatically sent

  • Add or Remove Reviewers or change Coach

  • View any submitted feedback

Once an individual’s process is completed (the due date for feedback has passed)

  • Share Feedback to send email notification and enable feedback results access for Employee

  • Send Feedback Reminder to Coach

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