Participant's guide to requesting feedback in an effectiveness survey

In Culture Amp, a Reviewer is anyone who is requested to provide feedback for an employee. Reviewers can be managers, direct reports or co-workers.

Here is our advice for selecting the right people to provide you with feedback:

  • Nominate at least 5-6 people including your manager, any direct reports and a selection of team mates /colleagues (co-workers).
  • Reviewers need to be in a position to provide meaningful feedback, supported by examples, that will help you to find a focus.
  • Choose people who you have worked closely with for at least 3 months. An exception is where you may have worked very closely with someone, say on a project, but for a shorter amount of time.
  • Select Reviewers who will provide you with honest and perhaps even 'difficult to hear' feedback. Individual Effectiveness feedback is for development - in order to develop you need to hear where you have room for improvement.


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