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Share and Review Individual Effectiveness 360 Survey Feedback
Share and Review Individual Effectiveness 360 Survey Feedback

How to share and review individual Effectiveness 360 survey feedback

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How to share and review individual Effectiveness 360 survey feedback

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

Once all the feedback has been collected for a 360 process, the process can move into the review stage and be shared with the employee.

To review the feedback report, this must be shared by the administrator, coach or by the employee themselves (depending on the workflow selected for the survey).

See Individual effectiveness 360 flows and permissions for more information on the different workflow options.

  • If the process is coached, the coach will be responsible for making the feedback available to the employee. Usually this is after all the requested feedback is complete or the due date has passed

  • If the process is coachless the employee can choose to view their feedback at any time.

Administrator Guidance

As an Admin you can share feedback from within the surveys process manager report.

  1. From your surveys home page, locate the 360 survey > select View Reports to open the surveys Process Manager page:


  2. Use the employee search to locate the 360 process you would like to share the feedback for > select the graph icon to Review the feedback provided:


  3. Select Share with Employee to share the feedback report:


  4. This will move the process into the Review stage at which point the employee can review the feedback and take action:


Coach Guidance:

  1. From your Home page > Task list, locate the 360 process > select Review Feedback to view the feedback collected:


  2. Once you have reviewed the feedback > select Share to share the feedback report:


  3. After the feedback has been shared, you have until the completion date to work with the employee to review their feedback and record focus areas and actions items on the Action Plan page:


When you Share Feedback with an Employee they will receive an email notification prompting them to sign in to Culture Amp to access results.

Our Guide for Coaching in a Feedback Review is a useful resource to ensure your employees are receiving the right kind of support and guidance to genuinely develop from the feedback they receive.

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