Individual effectiveness 360 (admin driven) guide for survey participants

What can I learn from this page? The different stages of the 360 review process from selecting reviewers, launching, collecting/reviewing feedback and taking action
Who is this guide for? Survey Participants

Some organizations choose to allow employees to create their own 360s. For Employee Driven 360s find the Drive your development tile and click Start 360.

The stages of a 360 review process

Your 360 review process will move through several stages from creation through to completion: 

  1. Choose reviewers and launch
  2. Collect feedback and self review
  3. Review and take action
  4. Complete

1. Choose reviewers and launch

Once you've selected Choose reviewers from your email or Slack notification start typing people's names to locate them and select them as reviewers. Some people may have been entered on your behalf by the survey administrator. You can save your selection, or complete it by clicking Nomination done button. 


Need help? Have a look at our guide on who to ask for 360 feedback.


2. Collect feedback and self review

Once launched you can find your 360 in your Dashboard open tasks. From here you can do your Self review and Give feedback to others.


Need help? Have a look at our tips for providing feedback.

You can see the progress of your feedback requests in the task expanded view. Feedback you have previously given to others can be found in your completed tasks via the Show completed tasks action. 

3. Review and take action

If your process is coached, your coach will responsible for making your feedback available to you. Usually this is after all your requested feedback is complete or the due date has passed.
If your process is coachless you can choose to view your feedback at any time. Note: Use current feedback will close feedback responses for your 360 and make your results available to you.

Once your results are available you can review all your feedback in the Individual feedback page.


Need help understanding and acting on your feedback? Have a look at our guide on making the most of your 360 feedback.

Go through the report and click on the Focus Flag to highlight the items you'd like to discuss or work on.

Once done, click on 'Take Action' button. On the Take action page, you'll see all the areas you selected as Focus. Now is a good time to reflect on these and narrow it down to one or two areas to work on.  When ready, click on the Take Action button for that area.


You'll see a list of inspirations/ideas for Action, select those that resonate. When you click next, you'll get a chance to edit it if needed. 




Your saved action can be edited, or deleted if required.


4. Complete 

When you and your coach are happy with the action plan your coach will Complete the process. If your 360 is coachless, you can complete it yourself. This will close your feedback review actions from further editing and complete the 360.


You will still be able to find the completed 360 any time via Show completed tasks, and the report itself is always accessible via Feedback>>Surveys>>Reports.

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