Send the employee-driven individual effectiveness survey

Note: This covers employee-driven surveys where Administrators and employees can create 360 processes. Admin-driven survey configuration follow a slightly different flow.

Click Confirm from your survey's Launch Plan page to see a prompt to confirm your settings:


Click Yes, let's go! button and the survey is now 'live' meaning that 360 processes can be created by the employees selected on the Participants page, or by Admins. No survey emails are sent yet - that's the next step.

To start a process, click Manage 360s link at the top of the page to be take to the process manager report. Click Create 360 button to start.

Select the employee to be reviewed and other relevant details.


As an Admin, you can select all the reviewers, or just complete the section for the employee and their coach, and let the employee nominate who their reviewers are. Employees can also create their own 360 and do this step themselves.

Click Save draft to proceed.

On the Process manager report, select the Draft processes and use either:

  • Request nominations button - sends emails to employees to nominate reviewers. Only possible for Draft processes when nomination emails have not already been sent.
  • Launch button - sends emails to reviewers asking them to give feedback. Only possible for Draft processes.


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