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Comment Replies FAQs for Survey Participants

FAQ's for survey participants around comment replies

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FAQs for survey participants around comment replies

Who is this guide for?

Survey Participants

What are Comment Replies?

Comment Replies is a feature on Engagement surveys that allows designated senior leaders in your organization with 'Comment replier' permission to write public replies to comments that participants have left in surveys. This feature is a way for organizations to increase the visibility and transparency of communication between senior leaders and staff.


Does the person who replied know who I am?

Typically, your comments are confidential, with comments held to the same standard as survey responses meaning there are measures taken (such as reporting group minimums) to ensure confidentiality.

The reporting rules for your survey are included in your invitation and reminder communications. In rare cases, the only person who would be able to identify you is your Survey Data Analyst and only if Raw Data Extract is enabled, which would be clearly outlined in the reporting rules communications. You can learn more in our regular survey participant FAQs.

Who is responding to my comment?

You'll be able to see who responded to your comments in the email notification (remember, who you are still remains confidential). Your HR team determines who has the ability to respond to comments, and this is usually given to senior leaders.


How do I know if/when my comment has been replied to?

You will receive an email if your comment has been replied to. It’s possible to receive multiple replies, in that case for each reply, you will receive an additional email notification.

Wait, how can you send me an email if you don’t know who I am?

While the person who replied to your comment and others in your company don’t know who left the comment, the Culture Amp platform can connect your response to your email, which was used to send your original survey invitation.

Can I respond back?

Comment replies are only one-way. If you have additional context or information you’d like to add or share, consider reaching out directly to the comment replier, your manager, or a trusted leader to continue the conversation.

Are all comments going to be responded to?

While all comments can be replied to, it’s likely most will not be. We recommend that leaders and managers review comments and determine the best route toward taking action. Often, this does not include a reply on the platform, but that does not mean they haven’t read your comments!

Who has access to view my comments and their replies?

Availability of comments depends on the permissions set up by your Account Administrator. If your comments are included in shared reports throughout your organization, both comments and replies are visible to any assigned report owner or viewer. If you have questions about how the survey results will be used within your organisation, we recommend getting in touch with an internal Admin who's maintaining the survey. The Admin will most likely be a member of your HR/People team.

Note, that you will always have access to view replies to comments that you have provided via the email notification.

Can the replies be edited?

Currently, there are no editing functions to the replies that you receive. If the replier wants to add additional context or details, they may leave an additional comment, for which you’d receive an email notification.

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